Irvins Salted Egg Fish Skin and Potato Chips

This is seriously one good Xmas Pressie and a dangerously addictive snack that is MADE IN SINGAPORE! Finally got to try Irvins Salted Egg snacks and after tasting it, I know why people are all crazy over it why it is always out of stock!

Back of the bags with warning that it is seriously addictive! Other than the fish skin, they have potato chips version too.

Big Bag of Salted Egg Fish Skin, $16

Definitely a correct choice to get this in the bigger bag! There is a small bag version too at $8 but trust me, the big bag is what you should be getting!

Freshly made without preservatives and keeps up to one month in the re-saleable bag, trust me, it wouldn’t last more than 1hour after it is opened!

Small bag of Salted Egg Potato Chips, $8.

Eat it just by itself or as a side dish!

Peering into the bag of salted egg fish skin.

Big chunky pieces of fish skin coated with salted egg. Yumz!

Need to control how much we eat!

Like I said previously, it is dangerously addictive and if you do not control, you may unknowing finish chomping the whole bag as it is so fresh, savoury and crispy that you would not stop! Alarm bells for those with high cholesterol! Another warning from me, it get heaty so get your beer, wine, water, whatever ready to lower the heat! LOL

The salted egg potato chips.

Between the 2, the fish skin is no doubt the winner but if it is out of stock, the salted potato chips can do as well as they are generously coated with salted egg. Now you know why tourists and locals alike are snapping them up as souvenirs from Singapore 🙂


Where to buy them from, check out their website for their outlets

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