Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant @ TripleOne Somerset

Madly shopping in Orchard and looking for a place to grab a bite when all the shops are closed? Or late night and craving for steamboat? Look no further as Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant can satisfy that craving!

You can choose from the set menu or pick from the ala carte menu.

The revised opening hours wef 28 Jun 2015


The smell of the place seems to transport me back to Taiwan where we enjoyed very good mala hotpot late at night!

For steamboat sauces, each pax will be charged $2.50 whether you eat it anot.

The very colourful and mind boggling condiments placed on the table for us to mix according to our preference.

You can take your pick from garlic bits, sesame sauce, coriander/parsley, red cut chillis, green chilli, spring onions, sambal chillli, white sesame, etc.

My self-concocted sauce with plenty of coriander/parsley, white sesame, cut red chillis topped with vingear, soya sauce and a drizzle of chilli oil. PB said that the staff helped them to mix their sauces when he visited previously but this time round, he did not get this service 😛

We were given this sauce that smells like what my dad made for us to dip our prawns with when we were younger.

Menu – Soup bases and Entree.

Soup base are not cheap and if you opt for a yuan-yang pot, that is, 2 different soup in a pot, you will need to top up $20 on top of the more expensive soup base that was chosen.

Menu – Hand made balls

Menu – Chicken, Pork, Lamb and Beef

Menu – Seafood and Live Seafood

Menu – Dumpling and Home made Noodles

The home made noodles really caught my eye and we decided we must have it!

Menu – Vegetables and Fresh Fungus

Menu – Side Orders

Menu – Drinks

We started our meal with a jug of Cooling herbal drink, $12, as PB was very thirsty!

The Imperial Drunken Chicken Soup base, $28, that we ended up choosing since PB cannot take spicy soup and I decided that it was too expensive to add on $20 for the mala soup as there were only 2 of us.

The plate of drunken chicken that came with it.

The service staff was very nice and helped us to add it into the pot to cook.

He told us to wait for the soup to boil again and we can start consuming it.

BiG boil!

Fishing out the cooked drunken chicken

Next came our order of Four Treasure Ball Platter (8 pieces) , $14

Close up of the cuttle fish ball

Close up of the pork ball

Close up of the dace fish balls

Close up of the prawn balls

The balls when cooked.

Love the texture of the balls! Very firm and very fresh! You will not get this texture if they had been machine made.

Our Live Prawns, $8 per 100g, minimum order of 300g.

There were about 8 prawns for our order.

How it looked like cooked!

Very vibrant colour and retaining its perfect shape since it has been skewered on a stick.

The de-shelled version! 😛

I love it dipped in the very fragrant sauce with spring onions! Yums!

Assorted vegetables, $6.80

USA Short Rib Meat, $38

Some meat that was served wrongly. Luckily, the mistake was discovered in time before either table started cooking any of the meat

Our order of the Kurobuta Pork Belly, $14

My cooked pork.

Fresh Cuttle Fish Noodle, $11

We ended up ordering the cuttle fish noodle on the recommendation of the service staff as she pointed out that we already had live prawns.

It takes quite a bit of stength and effort to pipe the “noodles” out of the bag into the soup!

After much wrestling, all out from the bag

and cooking in the soup!

That was how PB slurpped the noodles – Straight from the pot!

My skill is so good that the “noodles” were really long like noodles so that he can eat like that!

My Cuttle fish noodles.

Taste really like the real cuttle fish. Thumbs up!

Brand of the irregular glass the drinks were served in that I quite like.

Our bill came up to $180.55 (including 7% GST and 10% Service charge)! A tad expensive for 2 but given the freshness of the food, the location and the group that it is under – LVMH, you would have mentally prepared yourself to shell out a premium. For steamboat, it makes more sense to dine in bigger groups to average out the cost of the soup. Also, opting for the set menu would have been a good choice too if you do not preference to what you wanna order. 🙂

Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant
111 Somerset Road,Tripleone Somerset,
#01-21/22/23,Singapore 238164
Tel: 67328231
Opening Hours (with effect from 28 Jun 2015):
Lunch (Everyday) : 11am – 3pm
Dinner: 6pm – 11pm (sunday – Thursady), 6pm – 3am (Friday & Saturday and Public Holiday)

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