House of Soya Beans @ Zion Road Food Center

House of Soya Beans  (formerly from Chomp Chomp) looks like a new stall after the Zion Food Center is renovated. Since I have been waiting patiently the past week for some home-made experiment for Lao Ban Soya Beancurd, I decided to buy myself some soya beancurd to curb the craving 😛 There is another stall called Modern Flavours  Soya Beancurd at the food center but since I have tried that, I decided to buy from this stall. It was also partly because I was lured by the toppings that I could add to the soya beancurd at this stall 😛

The price list of House of Soya Beans which I snapped while waiting for my beancurd. Service can be a little slow so do be patient .

My Soya Beancurd with Gingko Nuts, $1.80. There was a thin layer of soya bean water on top of the beancurd. I do not know whether it was added by the lady or because of the transportation process that has “thawed” the beancurd. :p

Close up of the beancurd. It was soft and nice but the taste was probably affected by the water on top. The gingko nuts were cooked till they are soft and sweet, a little too sweet for me though. I will try it again without the topping to give a better comparison of the taste of the soya beancurd

Zion Road Food Center
Blk 86 Zion Road
Singapore 160086


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