Hong Kong Noodle Stall @ TPC

Above Pic is taken from internet.

If I have my way, this week will be a full noodles week for lunch. Why? It is because the only noodles stall in TPC is going down the memory lane as the Uncle has decided to retire.

I have always wanted to write about how nice his noodles and how well prepared the ingredients were and have tried so many of the varieties available but did not get down to posting them :'( .This will be the last week that we will get to eat from this Hong Kong Noodle stall so come down soon before they close on 12 Jun 2015 (ard 3pm)!

Beef Noodles, $4.50 Lunch on Monday  – 08 Jun 2015

Close up of the oh-so-tender and well-stewed beef. Fried dumpling was on the house since the news of the closure was announced.

Wanton Noodle, $3 with additional Shrimp Dumplings ($1 for 2 pieces) for Lunch on Wednesday – 10 Jun 2015.

For $3, you get well marinated Char Siew and 3 meat dumplings on top of the noodles. Fresh pork lard are self-serviced FOC!

Am gonna sorely missed them.. 🙁

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