Hock Gooi Hainanese Curry Rice 富贵食海南咖哩饭 @ Golden Shoe Hawker Centre, Market Street

This is one seriously CHEAP AND GOOD Curry Rice!!! Where can you find a mountain of rice with crispy pork chop and melt in your mouth cabbage drizzled with curry gravy in the CDB at only $2.50??

Decided to join the snaking queue for this curry rice and it took about 20min before we got to the head of the queue. While waiting, I debated on what to order from the simple menu available –  Braised Pork Set, Hainanese Char Siew SetHainanese Pork Chop Set at $2.50 each or the Curry Chicken Wing Set at $3.

Look at that pot of curry gravy waiting to be drizzled on the rice!

The ingredients were so generous that I can barely see the mountain of rice below!

Top view of my Hainanese Pork Chop Set with Lady’s Finger, $3.20

The $2.50 set comes with crispy pork chop, an egg and lots of melt in your mouth cabbage and lots of curry gravy! I almost couldn’t believe my eyes but I still added on the lady’s finger for the extra fibre in my diet 😛 I noticed aunty having some difficulty piling the lady’s fingers onto the plate when I added the order when she was done plating the pork chop set as I did really did not know what to expect. This is really super value for money and for that portion, it can almost feed 2 OLs nicely! Am really glad that I got it try it before the place is taken back for redevelopment which means that you will never be able to find this kind of hawker prices again and that this stall is one of the best CBD food. 🙂 Try yours soon 🙂

Hock Gooi Hainanese Curry Rice 富贵食海南咖哩饭
50 Market St,
Golden Shoe Hawker Centre,
Singapore 048940

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