Hainan Chicken Rice海南鸡饭@Tanjong Pagar Market

My super cheap and filling Roasted Hainanese Chicken Rice, $2.50 for lunch today!

Where else can you still find such cheap and good food except from Old hawkers who have gotten their stalls way before people began investing in food stalls for rental yields? The days of these cheap rental are numbered too as their lease is up for renewal soon. I guess we would not be able to find food that cost under $2.50 very soon. As it is, food that costs $2 are almost non-existence!

This is the stall I got my food from. A shot of the stall I got from where I was seated. A very difficult to get shot amid the lunch crowd. As the crowd happened to clear, I grabbed the opportunity to take this unobstructed view of the stall! 😛

Shot of the chickens “dripping” at the stall! It shows that they are freshly prepared!

It is run by an old Hainanese couple. They have actually expanded to include roasted chicken in their selection. Traditional Hainanese chicken are the normal boiled (white) version.  You can opt for a $2.50 or $3 plate of chicken rice and they have also included some side dishes that you can order.

Close up of my simple plate of Roasted Chicken Rice. Although it costs only $2.50, the portion is equivalent or more than some of the $3 ones. A very very filling plate. The rice was fragrant but not oily and what is amazing about it is that the rice feels very solid. I wonder how they cooked it or was the secret in the grade of the rice? Maybe I should start experimenting! hahaha..

The meat portion was generous, tender and juicy and goes well with the chilli sauce. It  is unlike the very commericalised roasted chicken that is very salty and dry. In terms of salt content, this one definitely has much less and is healthier.  The ah-char by the side was such a great accompaniment to the dish – I like. 😉

On hindsight, I should have ordered the white one 白鸡 as that is the more authentic one. But I have no regrets with the roasted version too as the meat is also tender and juicy. 🙂

Hainan Chicken Rice 海南鸡饭
Blk 6 Tanjong Pagar Market

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