Greenwood Fish Market & Bistro @ Greenwood Avenue, revisited

We love the food and ambience so much that we are back again on Xmas Day for an early dinner and this time round, we decided to have our meal not at the main restaurant area but at the market cum bistro area. 🙂

Some the takeaway menu that looks really good value for money!

View of the interior from where we were seated.

Close up view of part of the interior.

The smell and feel of the place kind of transported us to a Harbourside bistro overseas. 🙂 If you had associated a market with fishy smell, fret not, there is no such smell here. I am one who is super sensitive to it and would not have walked in if the smell was present! 😛

Cold Seafood Platter for takeaway at $79 nett and some applewood cold smoked salmon that is smoked in house that I think will be very nice and PB will like. Next round he said 🙂

Festive Menu

The Festive Menu – Prices are up by $1-2 for some items in the festive menu.

 It is not a lot to fork out considering that these folks sacrificed spending time with their loved ones to put up good food on the table.

One of the staff fishing out the live lobsters for some customers

The crab that we were recommended but decided not to order. It was some dungeness crab if we did not hear the waitress correctly.

The paper mats teaching you how to eat a lobster!

They should have this at the main restaurant area too to teach us how to eat our jumbo lobster! 😛

Complimentary bread and our Smoked Tomato Soup, $9.95++

The bread looks store bought and not made in house. The Xmas crowd last night probably polished off a fair bit of food! 😛

The smoked tomato soup using in house smoked tomatoes.

Very lovely and I like the additional flavour of the soup from the smoked tomatoes. Tasted like some dips which I cannot get enough of. Definitely recommended even if you are not a tomato fan.

Craving for some good white wine garlic sauce with mussels, we ended up with this Surf clams from Korean, $25++, as we could not decided which item to choose from the shellfish section which has NZ green Lip Mussles, NZ littleneck Clams, Black Mussels, Surf Clams and Manila Clams.  We chose the surf clams in the end as the waitress recommended it and told us that it had just arrived in the morning too.

Close up of the surf clams and the white wine garlic sauce.

How I eat it – scoop some sauce in the shell and slurp it off with the clams! YUMZ!

Thankfully we had chips from another main and so my cravings for frites dunk in white wine sauce was satisfied – COMPLETELY! 😀 Momentarily transported me back to the good old time in France when I had my first Moules et frites with my niece and nephew and we enjoying dunking the fries into the white wine sauce before devouring them.

Another way that I invented and enjoy eating today – Sandwich in the complimentary bread. 😛

Let the bread soak up the goodness of the white wine sauce and then wrap one or many clams within the bread. You will have the sauce bursting in your mouth when you press on the soft bread and then you get the sweetness from the clams. Yum yum yum……. just too good!

Another way to eat it (though not as shiok) is to peel the meat off from the shells and then scoop them in one big mouthful with the white wine garlic sauce.

If you do not like white wine sauce, you can opt for the shellfish to be cooked in spicy tomato which to me, may over power the freshness and sweetness of the shellfish. Gonna try it to find out but the white wine garlic sauce is still my favourite any time.

Our surf clams shells looking a little lost in the container that is normally used to hold oyster shells! 😛

This Live Scallops, $29.95 for 2, was recommended to us by the waitress and it was a good recommendation! I was initially hesitant to order it as I have not heard of scallops from Holland but PB decided that we should just give it a try.

Top view of the scallops

Side view of PB’s scallops!

Side view of my scallops! Look at how thick it is!

Perfectly cooked and the salad accompanying it complimented it very well.  Thumbs Up!

The Premium Trawler Catch, $34.95++,  with battered John Dory “St Pierre” served with daily vegetable and fries.

The accompanying mayonnaise and chilli sauce.

Another view of the garden salad, fries and battered fish.

Cross section of John Dory “St Pierre”.

The batter was not the super duper crispy kind but it was quite nice eaten together with the fillet. On hindsight, we should just have it pan seared to better taste the freshness of the fish. The battered style was chosen as we had wanted to try the fish and chips while heading here.

PB’s Latte, $6.95++. 

Our desserts!

Key Lime Tart, $6.95++. 

Perfectly balanced flvaour but I was expecting a little more fragrance of lime. 😛

The Valrhona Chocolate Cake, $13.95++,  with a molten chocolate center that requires a cooking time of 20 minutes which we gladly waited.

The accompanying ice-cream.

The molten chocolate center.

Nicely risen chocolate cake with the molten chocolates. Yumz!

Greenwood Fish Market & Bistro
34 & 38 Greenwood Avenue
Singapore 289238
Tel: 64674950
Opening Hours: 11am – 10.30pm (last order at 10pm)
Nearest MRT: Downtown Line Tan Kah Kee (DT8)

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