Gindaco Takoyaki @ Ion Orchard

Finally got to eat the Takoyaki from Gindaco!!

Still remembered the 1st time i ate it when i made my 1st trip to HK in 2005. Was so hungry then and it so happened that we got lost and chanced upon the stall. .The taste was just SOooo unforgettable.. and the ice green tea too.. Had me craving for more when i came back to SG but just cannot find any that resembles it.
Of course I was thrilled when I knew that they have opened an outlet at Ion in Orchard in SG.. been wanting to go but was too busy with work until finally, decided to get my gf to go there and try it and at the same time, catch up and “celebrate my bday” 🙂

Think this should be a Japanese Guy preparing the takoyaki. I didn’t realise so much oil was used to make the outside layer so cripsy! Sinful sinful…

Finally got our order, nicely glazed with bbq sauce, mayonnaise and bonito flakes. We bought the set for 2 pax, 6 pieces and 2 drinks for $7.20. I think that is quite a decent price to pay for the food quality. If you are super hungry,you can go for 10 pieces and 2 drinks which cost only $9.90.  There is also a set available for one person, 6 pieces and 1 drink, that cost $6.

Look at the inside of the takoyaki. The outside was crispy and the inside, soft and tasty. Look at the big chunk of octopus. I’m not a big fan of octopus but really like this one as it was quite well prepared. Could not get the details of the takoyaki with my camera phone.. plus i was too eager to pop it into my mouth than to take photos.. hence the ugly photo here.. lol…
The ice green tea that came with the set was a disappointment though. It was those ready made ones with instant powder that was quite sweet. Very different from the ones I had in HK where they actually had to blend the green tea powder with water and you are allowed to adjust the sugar content on your own based on your preference. Not too sure if they still do it that way now as that is a little more labour intensive. Will have to wait for me to make a trip to HK to find out ;P
Photos taken with SE C905

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