Fu Ji Fu Zhou Fishball Wanton Noodle 福记福州鱼丸云吞面 @ Maxwell Food Centre

My Dinner – Fu Zhou Fishball Wanton Spinach Noodles福州鱼丸云吞面, $4,  takeaway from one of my favourite hawker center stall at Maxwell Food Centre!

This is the stall in Maxwell Food Centre that has a 2 unique items that is rarely found in other hawker centres.

I was lucky to get a shot with no queues as the dinner crowd has not come in yet due to the heavy downpour!

See that green ball of noodles there? Not many stalls offer that and my mind will always wonder to this stall for this special spinach noodle whenever I start scanning through my brain for what to eat. LOL

Look at the magazines/newpapers cuttings. They are even featured in a free Japanese Magazine J plus that showcases food in Singapore! For their facebook page, click here.

So many variety of noodles on their menu.

I love item no.11 on their menu as it has the best of everything combined – Char Siew (aka Roasted pork), Wanton, Fu Zhou Fishball and the spinach noodles!

More menu by the side.

The stall with the styrofoam takeaway boxes, more menu and a picture of the cross section of the fu zhou fihsball. Off days are not fixed at this stall so try your luck when you are here.

My Takeaway noodles as PB did not want to eat at the hawker centre.

They have an additional layer of plastic that holds the noodles so that the sauce will not spill everywhere. SO thoughtful of them!

Tada! My Spinach noodles with Char siew, pork dumpling, some veg and 2 BIG Fu Zhou Fishballs.

Cross section of the fishball.

Fu Zhou fishballs are essentially fishballs with minced meat wrapped in them. Be careful when eating it as the juicy minced meat is hot! Something so easy and delicious to eat but so hard to make. It is a dying art to find hand made ones nowadays as it is skilled labour intensive! Try yours soon before everything gets taken over by machines! 🙂

Fu Ji Fuzhou Fishball Noodle 福记福州鱼丸云吞面
1 Kadayanallur Street,
Maxwell Food Centre 麦克斯韦路熟食中心,
Singapore 069184

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