Fried Sweet Potato Dumpling 日兴香记 @Maxwell Food Centre

Whenever I am in the vicinity of Maxwell Food Center, I will always think of buying a snack. There are so many stalls selling good food there but this snack is something that I will always think of buying no matter what time of the day it is. Perhaps it is the shape of the snack, the ingredient used to make the snack or the ingredients in the snack that appeal so much. Or perhaps it is a childhood memory etched deeply in my mind that associates Maxwell Food Centre with this snack and also because you cannot get this snack anywhere else in Singapore.

Does this look familiar to you? Golden brown balls of different sizes with different fillings.

Yes, they are deep fried sweet potato balls (香炸薯,薯枣) or dumpling from this stall in Maxwell Food Centre. If you know where the famous Tian Tian Chicken Rice is, this stall is on the same aisle on the next row directly beside the famous Fish Noodle Stall .

Close up of the variety of sweet potato dumplings on sale at this stall. You can choose from peanuts, bean paste, red bean, pandan coconut, pure sweet potato or vegetable (my fav). Prices range from 60 cents to 90 cents which is really affordable. You can see that they have gotten quite a lot of recognition for its food with the cert from Makansutra and TheGreenBook plastered at the stall.

Auntie has also adopted automation to help her improve her productivity. Still remembered when I was younger, she has to constantly stir the balls to make sure that they are evenly fried. Now, with the machine, she just need to give them an occasional stir to check if they are ready.

Another auntie behind preparing the sweet potato dumplings for deep frying. What sets this snack apart from the rest is the sweet potato flour used to wrap the filling, You really cannot find this anywhere else.

PB’s order of a peanut and pandan coconut sweet potato ball, $0.70 each.

Close up of the peanuts filling. The pandan coconut was gone before I could get a picture of it.

My 3 vegetable sweet potato dumplings. Look how round and golden brown they looked.

PB’s 2 vegetable sweet potato dumpling. Auntie had packed them separately so that they do not get squashed. So nice of her.

Close up of the Vegetable Sweet Potato Dumpling, $0.90 each. Looks so crispy!

Close up of the vegetables inside the sweet potatoes ball. I love this combination as the outer layer is thin, a little crispy and sweet and contrasted with the slightly savoury filling made up of stewed turnips. Yumz!! Be warned that the filling can be very hot so eat it slowly so as not to burn your tongue!

From what I understood from Auntie, they are opened everyday now with the occasional breaks on Sunday. Openings hours have also been adjusted to opening at a later time, around 3pm to 8pm on weekdays. Yeah! This means that if I leave on time from work, I can still make it to buy this for dinner! 😀 If you happen to be in Maxwell, you can give this a try but remember to leave some for me! 😛

Fried Sweet Potato Dumpling 日兴香记 Ri Xing Xiang Ji
Maxwell road #01-76
1 Kadayanallur Street 069184


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