Forest 森 @ RWS, Sentosa

Finally stepping into Forest 森@ RWS! A place that I am been looking forward to dine in and even more so after the telecast of Chef on Wheels. If you missed the telecast of Sam Leong and family cooking for the various organisations, you can view the episodes on toggle.

Stepping into the lobby of Equarius Hotel and you are immersed a “forest” with high ceiling.

Entrance to the Restaurant.

Open concept kitchen.

Looking up at the ceiling, you see “branches” as if in a forest.



Table Setting

The Menu

The Menu

Close up on the SPRING 春天and SUMMER 夏天 Set lunch menu

For SPRING春天,  it costs $42++/person and you get the following: Boneless Sakura Chicken Roulade 茴香花椒樱花鸡卷,鲜菜沙律, Homemade Noodles 蛤蜊花肉绍菜焖手工面 and a FOREST’S Delight “森”精选甜品.

For SUMMER夏天, it costs $56++/person and you get the following: Hokkaido King Scallop 黑松露青咖喱煎北海道带子,鲜菜沙律, Red Snapper Fillet 豉汁蒸红曹鱼伴滑豆腐, Flat Rice Noodles 银罗牛展河粉汤 and a FOREST’S Delight “森”精选甜品.

For both sets, you can add on an additional $6.00++ for Soup of the Day which I recommend that you do.

Soup of the Day

Ingredients in the soup.

More ingredients in the soup

I really like the soup and you can see how much went into making this soup.

My eight-treasures tea.

I think you can give this a miss and there was not much taste in the tea right till the end of my meal.

Spring Menu- Boneless Sakura Chicken Roulade marinated with Szechuan Peppercorn and Fennel accompanied with Garden Green Salad 茴香花椒樱花鸡卷,鲜菜沙律 

Looks good!

My SUMMER Menu – Pan Seared Hokkaido King Scallop topped with black Truffle and Green Curry Sauce accompanied with Garden Green Salad 黑松露青咖喱煎北海道带子,鲜菜沙律

Close up of the Scallops.

The scallops were perfectly seared. Thumbs up!

The green curry in the dish was a tad spicy which got some of us sweating! Thankfully it was at the bottom so it did not interfere with the sweetness of the scallops as I chose to eat them separately! 😛

My SUMMER Menu – Steamed Red Snapper Fillet accompanied with Home-made Bean Curd in Black Bean Sauce 豉汁蒸红曹鱼伴滑豆腐

Close up of the red snapper fillet.


2 thin slices of toufu and 2 pieces of snapper on that plate.

Taste was decent but portion was a tad small.

My SUMMER Menu – Flat Rice Noodles Served with Sliced Beef Shank and White Radish in Beef Superior Stock 银罗牛展河粉汤

Close up of the beef.

Was a tad disappointed with this dish as it was bland and the beef was tough. Definitely not the standard that I was expecting from the restaurant. On comparison, the noodles from the SPRING menu looks better but taste wise, the feedback was also so so only.

SPRING Menu – Homemade Noodles braised with Clams, Pork Belly and Tientsin Cabbage 蛤蜊花肉绍菜焖手工面

Close up of the handmade noodles and some clams and cabbage in it.

There were about 5 clams per noodle portion and I got to taste a few as some of my friends do not eat clams and could not eat beef too so had to settle for this noodles. The clams were sweet and nice, much better than my tough beef! I should have requested to change my beef noodles to this as the noodles looks like they had more bite to it!

Our Dessert – FOREST’S Delight “森”精选甜品

Top view of our desserts for today consisting of Lemon Grass Jello and New York Cheesecake.

Close up of the New York Cheesecake.

Nice and creamy! Yumz!

Close up of the Lemon Grass Jello.

An interesting dessert with a hint of the fragrance of the lemon grass, some coconut flesh and mango in the watery jello. All it took was a big slurp to finish this dessert. 🙂

Overall, some hits and some misses and I guess the set lunch may not be a good combination at what the restaurant has to offer. Price was a tad high for the food we got and service could be improved as we were totally neglected when a bigger group came in.

Forest (森)
Resorts World Sentosa,
Equarius Hotel, Lobby
8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island
Singapore 098269
Tel: 65776688
Opening Hours: Refer to their website

Photos taken with Iphone6s

P/S: This restaurant was recently awarded One Michelin Star in the Michelin Guide Singapore.

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