Fish Man @ Tanjong Pagar Plaza

Headed for some cheap and good Western Food located in a coffee shop in Tanjong Pagar Plaza!

This is the stall called Fish Man (Meet Paul) in the same coffeeshop as my favourite Ban Mian.

I have heard of it but never really tried it till recently as the queue is always very long and western food was never my first choice as I find them heaty and unheaty. :O

The Menu at Fish Man.

I am surprised that they use Halibut instead of the common dory for their fish and am immediately won over. There is a sign saying they only use deep sea fish. How often do you see Western food stalls using deep sea fish?

The poster educating you on the Halibut at the stall.

The owners preparing my orders. They work really fast and my orders were served pretty quickly.

The menu. Do note that there is a $.20 charge for takeaway.

Sauces to help yourself to including kicap manis! This sauce is soooo local!

One of my col’s Grilled Chicken Chop with Fries, $5.50. The egg yolk looks so good!

My Grilled Halibut, $8

Close up of the perfectly grilled halibut.

Nice Mayonnaise to go with the fish and fries.

I like the cup of corn and salad that completes the meal.

See how juicy the fish is.

The coffeeshop has been recently taken over by Mellben Signature but the other stalls in the coffee shop remains largely unchanged (right down to their location).

Free nuts for the customers of Fish Man. 6 of us so my col took one for each of us 🙂

My col’s Chicken Chop with rice, $5.50. 

Look at the mountain of rice! The rice is flavoured and some said it tasted like chicken rice! LOL

Halibut Deep Fried, $8. 

Looks good!

My Chicken Chop with Fries, $5.50

Pushing away the egg to reveal the nicely grilled chicken thigh.

Close up of my meal with the baked beans, corn salad and coleslaw.

The mountain of fries is way too generous!

Cutting away the skin to reveal the juicy and perfectly cooked chicken. The pepper sauce that came with it was a tad unique. There seems to be some spices added which I am unable to put a finger to it. If you know what it is, do drop me a note 🙂

Fish Man
Blk 7 Tanjong Pagar Plaza,
#01-105 Sinagpore 081007
Opening Hours: Monday – Friday: 11.30 am – 4.30 pm

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