Fish & Chips with Rice @ TPC

Ever heard of Fish and Chips with Rice? That was actually what I had today! A new dish from our favourite Zichar stall and suggested by Auntie as we wanted a dish that we did not have to wait too long for.

My lunch – Fish and Chips with rice and egg,$4.

I had initially thought that it was a little expensive since there was only 2 pieces of fish but considering that there was rice, fries and egg, we did have a lot on the plate.

The fish was fresh, nicely coated by a thin batter and was fried just right such that it was still soft and moist on the inside and crispy on the outside. It went very well with the mayonnaise that was drizzled on it. YumZ! The only problem I had was to finish all the carbo on the plate. The combination of fries and rice was just too much. I had to give up half of one and it was not difficult to guess which one was swept into my tummy – the more sinful partner, fries, of course! Lol..

The meal is best washed down with a nice cup of Lemon Tea,$1.20 purchased from Happy Cafe since we were sitting at its table šŸ™‚

Zichar Stall from Keng Chye Eating House,
7 Keppel Road,
Singapore 089053

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