Fat Saigon Boy Express @ Icon Village, Enggor Street

Pampering myself with a wonderful lunch in air-conditioned comfort on the 7th day of the Lunar New Year which is also known as everyone’s bday!

Finally checking out Fat Saigon Boy Express located in Icon Village (directly opposite cold storage) after walking past them everyday ever since they open for business!!!! This location used to be Jasper’s pantry selling cupcakes/cakes/pies but has now given way to a Fat Saigon Boy selling Vietnamese Food on the Go!


The reason why it took so long for me to check them out was because the menu are only placed at the counter and there are nothing eye catching at the counter. Since it is everyone’s birthday today, I decided that I should just try them out!  Picked up the menu from the counter which list the mains consisting of pho (soup noodles), rice, dry noodles or salad and Vietnamese baguette with prices ranging from $9.80 to $$14. You get a free house tea with every main ordered!

I ended up with a set as that poster on the wall is too big to be ignored! Hahaha..

Condiments (Fish Sauce, Sweet sauce and sriracha) for you to adjust the taste of your food.

After placing my order, I got myself a bench seat facing the wall while waiting for my number to be called.

My Pho Set lunch all for $13 nett!

My Rice Noodles in deep flavoured Broth with Onions, coriander and spring onions served with beef balls and tenderloin topped with Bean Sprouts, basil leaves and lime (ala carte, $9.80).

Fret not about the uncook beef for it cooks quickly as you dip it into the broth and it tasted so juicy and tender that you will wish there were more of them! Thumbs up! The broth was on the light side but the flavour was enhanced by the basil leaves and squeeze of lime into it.

Viet Chicken and Prawn Summer Rolls with Nori (ala Carte, $5.50 for 2 pieces)

This was recommended to me by the service staff and I like it too. Half a prawn and a slice of chicken wrapped in the what looks like a putu mayam to me. 😛

Dipped the summer roll (rice noodles wrap) into the sweet chilli sauce provided or if you like yours spicy, squirt some sriracha sauce into it for the kick! 😛

Due to the limited seats available, it is recommended that you come early for groups bigger than 3 or takeaway your lunch and enjoy in office!

Fat Saigon Boy Express
16 Enggor Street, Icon Village, #01-13, Singapore 079717
Opening Hours:
Mondays to Fridays: Lunch – 11am to 2.30pm, Dinner – 5.30pm to 8pm
Saturdays : Lunch only – 11am to 3pm
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FatSaigonBoyExpress/

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