Fat Cow @ Camden Medical Centre, Orchard

Vday came early for me at a luxurious Japanese restaurant called Fat Cow as someone is having deep pockets today!

Took us a while to locate the restaurant in Camden Medical Centre as the entrance to the restaurant was quite dark and we could not make out the exact way to get in. Even the adverts at the entrance was too dark for us to read on our way in but on our way out, the lighting has increased by so much that we could see better what they were about.

FC logo at the entrance so when you see this, you are near the door.


Stepping in, you will be wow-ed by the view of the bar.

The aisle that we walked through to get to our seats.

Admiring the plagues on the way in

My surprised Vday Bloom from A Better Florist which PB had arranged to be delivered to the restaurant. A beautiful handheld 20 tulips bouquet which is simple and pretty and gives Far East Flora a run for their money.

The Sapporo Special Menu.

Looks so good and we wanted to order from it too but there were more from the main menu that we ended up not choosing any from here.

The main Dinner menu

For a clear pic, click here

Close up of what lured PB here – Wagyu!

There are 5 type of Wagyu from Japan – Saga, Ohmi, Miyazaki, Tochigi or Kobe. Unfortunately, a couple of waygu are sold out on our visit – one of which is the kobe beef … sob sob sob…. 🙁 so we settled for the champion cow which is the Miyazaki.

For the price of the beef, please refer to the pic above.


Drinks menu

If you come with drinking partners, can consider getting their sake in bottles.

Chef handling other customers’ food while I ponder over the menu 😛

Main view of the dinning area where you can see the chef handling the sashimi  or grilling the beef.

Chef in action cutting the beef orders

Grilling in process

Certificate on the wall certifying that Fat Cow gets its wagyu from authentic source.

Starting my meal with a fragrant 30ml Umebijin no Umeshu, $11++

Not too sure if it was too light or the rocks has diluted it. Smells great but could not taste much of the umeshu.

Next up, PB’s sashimi and our appetisers.

Each type of sashimi order is 5 pieces. Anything less, you can only have nigiri.

It is served with freshly grated wasabi which was a little sweet and grainy and does not give you the brain numbing experience that you would get with those at Japanese chain restaurants.

Otoro (Blue fin fatty tuna) , $68++

Ooooh.. so fatty but I did not try for I am not such a big fan and partly cos PB polished it off!

Hotate (scallop), $26++

Taste exactly like what I had in Japan! (of course at many times more the price :P)

Sake (King Salmon), $18++

Thumbs up!

Zukkini No Hana No Tsutsummi Age, $30++

One Zucchini blossom done tempura style.

Opening up the flower to reveal the crab and scallop stuffed in the zucchini flower

Asparagus, $14++

Chargrilled jumbo asparagus served with yuzu aioli and katsuobushi

I could not taste the yuzu in the sauce as I felt it was covered by the wasabi and the bento flakes.

Miyazaki Grade A4 Striploin (half cut, 150g, for $148++) – The star dish of the night!

PB added the Hobayaki for an additional $10++.

It is basically another cooking method where you cook the beef with miso on the leaf of the Japanese Magnolia. There is an added fragrance from the leaf and the miso but for the grade of beef we are eating, it is definitely more than sufficient to stick with Sumibiyaki (charcoal-grill).

Close up of the charcoal in the pot that the magnolia leaf and miso is served in.

Another view of the gorgeous beef served with sea salt, garlic and sauce.

Close up of the tender and pink beef though we felt it was a tad too well-done for a medium doneness.

Nevertheless, it was so juicy and yummy that we were fighting over who ate more! HAHA…

Another of our main – Shabu Shabu

For the beef, you can choice from 100grams of either A3 striploin ($81++), A4 ribeye ($92++) or the A5 Ribeye ($110++) and since Kobe is out, we opted for the A5 Ribeye for this.

Hot pot

The Shabu Shabu with vegetables and 100g of A5 Ribeye, $110++

A simmering hotpot of mushroom broth

Look at the beautiful marbling of the A5 Ribeye.

Even when cooked, it looks so tender and it tasted that way too! Simply melts in your mouth!

The vegetables cooked in the mushroom broth with the oil from the beef. The cabbage is really worth eating and you can taste the sweetness in it.

True to the Japanese attention to detail and presentation, even the carrot was cut out in a star shape!

My Half-eaten pot.

It was a little difficult to cook and fish out the ingredients in the hot pot due to its shape. I felt that instead of a gas stove, it could have been a charcoal hotpot since the broth does not come to a boil.

Our carb for the night – Fat Rice, $8++

Tasted great where the fat shoyu was drizzled which was just a small potion. Not too sure if it was due to many bowls being dished out at the same time that the shoyu portion seems to be on a misery side?

PB seems like a cow that has so many stomachs – one for sashimi, one for beef, one for dessert and one for coffee!  😛

His order of something sweet for both of us for the final indulgence of the night!

This is half  a portion of the Warabu Mochi, $18++,  that the service staff has split for us.

Served with served with green tea and roasted soy bean flour, this is one mochi that I can keep on eating as it is not as chewy as you would imagine a mochi to be. Imagine this to be a crossed between a mochi and kanten and you get the texture of this Warabu Mochi. 🙂

Housemade Yuzu Cheese Cake, $14++

Close up of the lovely cheesecake.

There is yuzu grind in it. Nice!

Served with miso crumb which could have been easily mistaken as normal biscuits. 😛

Our total bill came up to $559.05 after service charge and GST. This is one of our most luxurious meal to date for 2 person but the quality of the food is pretty unforgettable so I think it is OK to pamper yourselves once in a while!?! :p

For a more budget friendly Valentine Day’s celebration, you can opt for their Vday set dinner which goes for $188++ per pax. 🙂 For more info, do check out their facebook page.

Fat Cow
1 Orchard Blvd, Camden Medical Centre, #01-01, Singapore 248649
Opening Hours:
Lunch: 12pm – 3pm, 6pm – 11pm
Telephone Number: 6735 0308
Website: http://www.fat-cow.com.sg/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fatcowsg/

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