Fantasy cakes in 3D

I was flipping through some old copies of the The Sunday Times and the featured article on the Lifestyle page on 31 October 2010 caught my eye – Fantasy Cakes. 

Cakes, 3D ones, are not new in Singapore but in recent years, have been gaining popularity.  It could partly be due to the showing of the Cake Boss on TLC that piped the interested of many or the novelty of having a center piece at parties that will wow your guests.

To me, it is the art of creating the 3D pieces and every piece looking like the real stuff that wowed me. The creativity of the people in coming up with themes for the birthday cakes and how the bakers, or should I say designers, go about creating them. Really really amazing.

The thought of making such a masterpiece has been twirling in my head but I have not gotten down to doing it for numerous reasons. Perhaps when the time is right, you will get to see my masterpieces here

I have extracted some of the useful information in the article summarizing where you can buy or customized your elaborate 3-D cakes. Information that may come in handy should I need to customize some 3D cakes in the future J
Cake Avenue
Price: From $55 a kg
Et Artisan Sweets
Price: From $150 a cake
The Icing Room
Price: From $45 to $90 a kg
E-Creative – Creative Floral and Cake Design
Price: From $90 for a 3D cake.
Price: From $190 a cake. Minimum order of 2kg
1 Caramel
Price: Between $85 and $120 a kg
The Pattiser
Price: From $120 and onwards for a 1kg cake
Pine Garden’s Cakes
Price: From $150 a cake
Prima Deli
Price: Novelty cakes start from $42 a kg while 3D cakes start from $65 a kg. Cakes must be at least 3kg and up.
Smiling Orchid
Price: From $300 a cake and upwards.

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