Fancy Delight @ Takashimaya Shopping Center Basement 2

It is surprising what you can chance upon while burning away time in a shopping mall! I thought they are gone for good after closing their Tanjong Pagar Outlet but to my surprise, I chance upon them at Takashimaya and I am happy to know that they have expanded! They have 6 outlets (Taka, IMM, NEX, Marine Parade, City Square Mall & Lorong Kilat) now and the locations are so much more accessible!

Although I am heading for dinner, I could not resist buying some and had a hard time resisting the temptation to eat it as I wanted to share it with my friend!LOL. There seems to be more flavours now too!

I could not decide on how many I wanted. All the flavours look so appetising! Managed to curb my urge and ended up with 4 (bottom left anticlockwise: Coffee Chocolate, Mushroom Chicken, Cheese and Durian!) Best of all, they are still warm!

Coffee Chocolate, $1.40

Cross Section of the Coffee Chocolate Tart. The filling was so smooth and the crust was firm but melts in your mouth.

This is my personal favourite – Mushroom Chicken, $1.40

I like the mixture of the savoury and sweet taste combined together. 🙂 Look at how much fillings there is in this cup-tart! LOL

We did not eat the rest as we were heading for dinner but I bet they are tasty too since they are freshly made at the outlet.   My parents ate them the next day and told me that the tarts are “hor jiak” (hokkien for Delicious!) Now, I can only wish that an outlet will pop up in AMK hub so that I can use the transport money to buy more tarts! Hahahaha…

Fancy Delight @ Takashimaya Basement 2
Tel: 64694606
For list of outlets, click here

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