Enbu 炎舞 Japanese Grill Izakaya @ Suntec Sky Garden

Had a great catchup over a delicious meal at Enbu 炎舞 located at level 3 of Suntec City where the Sky Garden is! The Sky Garden has changed so much from what I remembered. It used to be pretty hot and dark and a place where there is nothing much to see except the Suntec Fountain of Wealth view from the parapet. Now, it has transformed into a hip place with many restaurants and bars and I was pleasantly surprised at how cooling it was even though we dine al-fresco!

Sky Garden Restaurants and Bars advertisement from the lift lobby.

Enbu is part of Eat at Seven.

External View of Enbu as I tried to locate it. 😉

Nice view of the surrounding from the sky garden.

Ordering of food are all via Ipad nowadays. If you need any help, feel free to call any of the service staff around.

Checking out the menu after my girlfriends did the ordering 😉

Pretty attracted to the set lunch menu with prices starting from $14++ that is available from 11.30am to 2pm which comes with free drinks.

Menu – Happy Hour from 5-8pm!

Menu – Steamed Items

Menu – Appetiser – Tako Wasabi Jyaga-Butter

Menu of the Best seller – Jilasei Tsukune.

Ice Green Tea, $3.50++

My Iphone focused on my friend’s phone instead! haha.. Served in a cute glass, I found it a tad expensive although it is refillable.

My Happy Hour Sapporo, $5.50++. 


My happy hour Sapporo sweating in Singapore’s humid weather! 😛

It was quite a wait for the food to be freshly prepared.

Gyu Kushi Ponzu, $3.50++

Love the tender beef and the spring onions and ponzu sauce.

En-bu Chicken Nanban, $16.50++

Chicken Nanban is a famous dish from Miyazaki Perfecture. We are so fortunate to be living in Singapore where we get to taste awesome food in restaurants helmed by great chefs from all over the world! The myriad of cuisines and the exposure to them can sometimes be so overwhelming and maybe more than travelling!

Another view of the En-bu Chicken Nanban.

Love the sweet and juicy chicken and it did not feel oily despite being deep-fried. Supposed to be eaten with the tartar sauce but I love the tartar sauce so much that I had it on its own. There were bits of sweet crunchy stuff in it that made me reach out for more.

After tasting this, my curosity got the better of me and I goodled and found some recipes online that look relatively simple to follow in order to replicate this . To share with you, the links are as shown:



Jilase Tsukune, $15++

Close up of the crossed section of the minced chicken patty and the half boil egg.

The half boiled egg oozing after I made a cut in it.

Nice dish but we need something to mop up the egg yolk! 😛

Tako Wasabi Jyaga-Butter, $10++

Close up of the tako on top of the potato.

I feel that this is must order dish as the tako was really nice and crunchy and everything gels together so nicely that you will want to reach out for more! If I am not wrong, the tako is raw but fret not, it is so fresh and sweet that you would not feel squeamish about it!

Buta Paitan Gyoza, $15++

Close up of the gyoza and the broth.

Simply sublime!

Our skewers (Tori Momo Kushi Yaki, $2.80++ each and
Negima, $2.80++ each) came last and it was served in a gigantic bamboo container.

Close up of my Negima ねぎま, $2,80++ which was chomped down in no time! 😛

View of the restaurant from where we were seated.

Our bill came up to $101.81 after 10% service charge and 7% GST. Pretty decent price for the quality and amount of food. A nice place to chillax with your friend and enjoy the breeze and good food. 😉

Enbu Japanese Grill Izakaya
3 Temasek Blvd, #03-307, Suntec City Sky Garden, Singapore 038983
Tel: 62688043
Opening hours: Lunch: 11.30am – 3pm, Dinner: 5.30pm – 11pm
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/enbusingapore/

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