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Looking to to fill that belly with free flow, Japan No.1 Miyazaki Wagyu Beef and Premium Queen Crab? En Sakaba at Capital Tower is the place to go!

Located at level 1 at Capital Tower, Robinson Road, En Sakaba is offering the hotpot buffet (for dinner only) at $78++ per pax (usual price of $108++), minimum of 2 pax,  for a limited time only! For 90 minutes, you get free flow of Miyazaki Wagyu Beef, Premium Queen Crab, Iberico Kurobuta Pork, Shabu-shabu Assorted Vegetable and Udon/Japanese Porridge.  You also get one serving of 3 kinds of appetisers, 3 kinds of Sashimi Platter, Prawns and Vegetables Tempura and Häagen-Dazs Ice cream! Too cheap a deal to believe? It is because En Sakaba direct import the beef which kept the price low!

Certificate of the A5 Miyazaki Wagyu 宫崎牛

Browsing the Dinner Menu and happy that there are tonnes to eat and at pocket friendly prices.

Menu-Japan No 1 Miyazaki Wagyu Specialties


Menu-Starters and Salad



Menu-Ramen and Shokuji

Menu-Sashimi and Sushi Moriwase

Menu-Special Rolls and Dessert

Everything looks GOOD but we have to stick with what we came here to try – the Miyazaki Wagyu and Premium Queen Crab Hotpot Buffet! KIV the ala carte for lunch or the next dinner! 😛

Menu – House Pour

Menu – Daiginjyo and Junmai Daiginjyo

The variety of sake here is really mind boggling!

Menu – Junmai Daiginjyo

For sake novice, the description provided for each and every sake available should be more than sufficient for you to decide what you want. If you are too lazy to read through everything, you can also ask the friendly staff for recommendation! 🙂

Menu – Okinawa Specials

AHHH! Umibudo aka Sea grapes!!! I want to eat that! *KIV-ed

Menu – Wild Blue Fin Tuna

Environmentalists are not going to be very happy with this menu :O

Table Setting

Stove for the hotpot.

Shabu-Shabu Hotpot

One time serving of Prawns and Vegetables Tempura (for 2 pax)

Pardon me for the out of focus pic. Too busy enjoying my food to thoroughly check the photos as I took them! 😛 Great tempura by the way!

One time serving of 3 kinds of Sashimi Platter (for 2 pax)

Very fresh Salmon Sashimi, Prawn Sashimi and Tuna Sashimi thought the tuna has been lightly seared on the outside.

One serving of 3 kinds of appetisers.

Love the flavour and texture of this jelly fish and glad that I get to savour them all by myself as PB has a set on his own.

Cucumber with plum sauce topped with bonito flakes.


Dipping sauces for the shabu-ed meats.

You do not really need them with such gorgeous meats!

Pampering myself with a glass of Yuzu Sake, $15++, and they served 100ml of it chilled without ice. Nice!

Complimentary Wagyu Sushi that is lightly flamed.

Close up of the sushi showing the blow-torched and the non-flamed parts.

It literally melted in my mouth!

Shabu-shabu Assorted Vegetables

Premium Queen Crab, Iberico Kurobuta Pork and Miyazaki Wagyu automatically served.

Been a long time since I ate these crabs!

Close up of the Iberico Pork and Wagyu.

The iberico pork is really too fat for our liking that we did not order anymore after this serving.

The service staff helped to add the vegetables into the hotpot to cook.

Our hotpot buffet spread!

Shabu-ed meat!

So thin and cook so quikcly! All you need to do it to dip the meat 3 times (or less!!!!) into the broth and it will be done!

Dipping it into the sauce for additional flavour and to lower the temperature of the meat! LOL

1st additional order of 2 portions of beef

Close up of the marbling on the beef.Thumbs up!

Shabu-ed Miyazaki Waygu beef! So tender and really melts in the mouth!

2nd additional order of 2 portions of beef.

Close up of the Round 2 Beef.

Close up of the Miyazaki Wagyu!

The marbling on this portion of beef is impressive!!! If only all of the portions can be like that! 😛

Having a taste of the soup after cooking the wagyu in it. Look at those oil!

Cooking the premium queen crab. Look at those legs!!!!! @@!!

This is the first time I am cooking this crab and got a bit lost as I do not know how long it will take to cook it. It was only later that I learnt we just have to cook it for 5min to enjoy the crab as they are already pre-cooked!

Real crab stick anyone? 😀

Cross section of the legs. So full of meat!

More crab sticks! YUMZ!

Half of the queen crab leg.

So meaty and so worth the wrestling with a broken wrist! LOL

3rd round of beef.

Fats are more concentrate and not that evenly distribute in the meat.

Still tasted great! Just DO NOT cook it to death! 😛

Additional order of the queen crab since the first portion was so enjoyable and it was about time that we wrap up the meal.

Cooked legs, this time, for 5 min.

Look at the meaty claw!

Peek of the crab meat from the shell.

Less cooking time and and the crab tasted saltier than those from the first round – the taste of the sea where these queen crabs live!

The aftermath of our hotpot with a layer of oil from the wagyu. So much so that it was able to reflect the decor of the interior. LOL..  We were so stuffed that we skipped the Japanese porridge that will be cooked in this broth that we shabu-ed our meat in. Imagine the essence of the broth being soaked up by the Japanese grains… WOW.

Something sweet/bitter to round up the meal and it gotta be a matcha ice-cream right! You can opt for the vanilla one if you do not like matcha. But can they give me more than one serving? 😛

Love the warm interior.

Our total damage for 2 person came up to $203.62 (after 10% service charge and 7% GST). The receipt even itemised how much we ate!  Definitely worth every cent and recommended to try if you love your beef! Reservations recommended.


En Sakaba Capital Tower
168 Robinson Road #01-10, Capital Tower, Singapore 068912
Tel: +65 6423 0110
Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday: 11am – 11pm, closed on Sunday
Nearest MRT Station: Tanjong Pagar
Wesbite: http://www.ensakaba.com.sg/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ensakaba/

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