Eighty Days @ MBLM

It is Pizza Day today! Coincidence that I had pizza for lunch and pizzas for dinner!

After some discussion, we settled on visiting Eighty Days at MBLM which I have been wanting to go. Finally I am here but was a little surprise at how deserted it is for dinner.

View of the counter.

Looks like coming here for lunch would have been a better choice as they have traveller’s lunch set @ $13.90 which looks pretty value for money!

The menu at the entrance which got me pretty hungry.

Better still, the pizzas are in bite-size portion and prices range from $2.90 – $3.90 each which means we can try a variety without bursting our stomach and pockets! 😛

Love this quote on the pillar.

Menu at the table showing the best reviewed Pizza

Menu – More Pizza option which will bring you round the world!

Menu – Sliders and Pasta option for those who want more carbs

Menu – Soups and Salad for the health conscious

I had originally wanted to try Louis XV but was told they only have Oliver’s Choice and California Squash left so I settled for the California Squash, $4.90, which consisted of pumpkin, potato, carrot, tomato, bay leaves, thyme and cream.  Though it was sitting on my table for the longest time ever as I was settling the orders and bill, it tasted absolutely perfect. Loved the taste and texture of this soup.

Wafu Garden Salad, $6.90.

 Refreshing, crisp and super filling. PB almost polished off everything while we waited for the pizzas.

PB’s Strawberry Latte.

I was a little shocked at the weight of the cup and opened up to see that it was only half full. I had thought that it was because I had added only $1 extra to change the berry tea (that comes with the set) to a latte and hence the portion, but a check with the service staff confirmed that it is correct as that was the amount dispensed by the machine. Hmm..

My order of a Tangerine Wheat Beer, $9.90. 

Decided on this drink instead of a latte because of the strategically placed cards that was right on the railing beside the table that PB had chosen.


How to resist the temptation right? 😛

Finally our Pizzas arrived!

We travelled to Peking, and instead of going to Punggol, Berlin and India, we ended up in Bangkok, Chicago and Toyko!

It took me a long time to order at the counter as most of the pizzas we wanted were not available as the chef had left!  🙁 2nd choices were not available too! Had to ask the staff what options were available and decide from there. Originally wanted to order 4 Pizzas, but due to lack of options, decided on 3, but after realising that there was a 4 pizzas set (inclusive of a berry drink) at $13.90, we ended up with 4 pizzas of which 2 which taken from the display counter.

The size of the bite size pizza.

Peking Duck, $3.90 – Smoked Duck, Avocado, Mozzarella, Hoisin Sauce

Chicago Bull, $3.90 – Beef, Capsicum, Mozarella, Black Pepper Sauce

Tokyo Okonomi, $3.90 – Squid, Ebiko, Kizami Nori, Bonito Flakes, Mozarella, Japanese Mayo, Okonomiyaki Sauce

Bangkok Rush, $3.30 – Prawn, Pork Floss, Pineapple, Raisin, Cashew Nuts, Mozarella, Tumeric Mayo

Overall a pretty nice Friday Night Chill Out dinner at $36.60 nett. A very clever combination of ingredients iconic of various countries and the cutesy size of the pizzas makes eating interesting and fun. It does ignite the thought to start planning for the next trip to taste the yummy food in the countries itself! 😛 Will like to come back when there is more variety available!

Eighty Days – Every Pizza a Story
8A Marine Boulevard,
B2-67, Marina Bay link Mall,
Singapore 018984
Tel: +65 6634 2962
Opening Hours: Please call to check
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eightydayspizza

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