Easy Chicken @ Tanjong Pagar Complex (TPC)

My lunch – Chicken Curry with Baguette Set, $4.80.

The new stall uses fresh whole chicken to cook mild curry and braised chicken.

The menu.

Simple menu consisting of Chicken Curry with Baguette $4.80/Rice $4.50/Prata (2pcs) $5.40. If you do not like curry, you can try the Braised Chicken with rice at $4.50.

My Baguette that has been lightly toasted to make it crispy.

The curry.

There were 3-4 chunks of chicken meat and 3-4 wedges of nicely stewed potatoes.

The chicken was tender and goes well with the curry sauce. It has been a long long time since we had curry with crispy bread and this one looks like one that can survive for a while as it seems to be the only stall curry with bread in this area. Something unique and different from the usual economic rice/noodles/tze char. 🙂

Easy Chicken @ Keng Chye Eating House
7 Keppel Road,

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