Dummy Guide to cooking a Yummilicious Home-cooked Laksa

It has been ages since I last updated my blog. Been terribly busy with making some important decisions in my life and it is finally settled.  I can get a breather,  catch up on updating this foodblog and enjoy the pleasures in life for the next 4 months 😛

Had a sudden craving for Laksa today while browsing in the supermarket.  For those who do not know, Laksa is a very Singaporean/Malaysian noodle dish which is a tad spicy and has a flavoursome coconut gravy. It originated from the Peranakan Culture if I am not wrong. Cooking Laksa from scratch is a very tedious process as there are plenty of spices involved and if the proportion is not correct, the entire pot is wasted. As I am unable to cook it from scratch, it was really a godsend when Prima Taste introduced the  Laksa La Mian. This is just like the maggi mee version of Laksa!

I am going to called this the “Dummy Guide to cooking a Yummilicious Home-cooked Laksa” as it can be prepared by anyone. The ingredients are easily available at the supermarkets and not much preparation is needed. As long as you can cook instant noodles, you can definitely make this!

Here is the guide to a 10min Indulgent Homecooked Laksa LaMian 🙂

Ingredients (items 2-6 are really optional if you just want to eat a plain Laksa):
1.  Prima Taste Laksa LaMian
2. 2 hardboiled eggs
3. Fried Bean Curd ( aka dou pok as it is affectionately known)
4. Bean sprouts (aka dou gay)
5.  Fish cake
6. Enoki mushrooms

All the ingredients to make the Indulgent Laksa LaMian

The Key Ingredient: Prima Taste Laksa La Mian (note: this is not an advertisement for the brand)

Close up of the La Mian in the package

The 2 packets of paste and premix in the package: Packet A is the Laksa Paste and Packet B is the Laksa Premix

Boiling the eggs to make Hard-boiled eggs

The amount of extra ingredients you need. Portion varies according to personal preference

How to cook:

1) First blanched your bean sprouts, dou pok, and fish cake and set aside. I realised if you blanched the dou pok, you will end up with a thinner gravy so if you prefer to have thick gravy, you can consider throwing the dou pok as it is to cook.

Blanched Ingredients, set aside

2) Next, pour 500 ml of water into the pot. Add in Packet A and B and mix well.

This is what is inside Package A – The Laksa Paste that gives the gravy its character! 🙂

Package B contains the Laksa Premix which flavours the gravy. It is basically powdered coconut and some other flavouring

Add Package A and B into the pot  of water

And mix well

3) Turn on the fire and and bring it to a boil.

4) Add in the La Mian and cook for 6 minutes before adding in the dou pok, fish cake, beansprouts and enoki mushroom and cook for another 1 min.

Boiling solution with the La Mian. As I prefer my fried bean curd to soak up the goodness of the gravy, I threw it in together with the La Mian to cook.

Add in the remaining ingredients after cooking the La Mian for 6 minutes.

The pot of Yummilicious Laksa La Mian is ready! Based on the package, it is supposed to serve only one but with the amount of additional ingredients added, I feel that it was more than enough to feed 2!

Tada! My home-cooked Indulgent Homecooked Laksa LaMian is served! Enjoy~!

*The colour of the photos taken with my SE C905 does not do justice to the food.. without flash they looked too pale, with flash they look too yellow… 🙁

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