Dong Bei Cai Guan 东北菜馆 @Mosque Street

Running out of ideas for dinner to take away after work, I managed to talk PB into having dinner with me at our new found “food street”. The original intention was to take away a potato dish for dinner but since there was parking and the restaurant was relatively empty (as it was close to 9pm on a Tuesday night), PB agreed to a quick dinner.

I was still afraid that they might be close but the Lady Boss gave me a warm welcome and said that they are still open, till 10.30pm. I was then greeted by a list dotted with Chinese characters stating all the dishes available. It took me a while to find what I wanted and the waiter seeing that we seem to be having some difficulty passed us a menu with pictures! LOL..

Menu with Picture 01

Menu with Picture 02

I ordered the Potato dish which I wanted. It is called Fried Potato Threads 土豆丝, $4 here. It is similar to the Western Version of the Rosti where the potatoes are cut into thread like strips and cooked. The dish here is stir fried with some green pepper and probably some stock to give it the flavour. The dish has the wok hei smell and the sauce tasted like our zichar hor fun sauce. 😛 I like it that the potato threads though soft on the outside, still have some crunch on the inside.

Close up of the Potato Threads

I also ordered the Handmade Noodles with Minced Meat Sauce 炸酱面, $6. The noodles were smooth and had a spring in it and the cucumber was fresh.

The minced meat sauce tasted of the soyabean sauce 豆拌酱 which was a little salty but when thoroughly mixed with the handmade noodles and cucumber, tasted just right! I love the texture of the handmade noodles here.

PB ordered the Pan Fried Dumplings东北锅贴, 10 pieces for $8. This is one of his favourite dish but he is probably disappointed here.

The dumpling smelled good (imagine smelling roti prata) and was crispy on the outside but the skin was a little too thick. People who like to chew on the dough would like this dish but imagine sharing a plate of 10 between 2 person, it is just too much. 😛 The fillings was not too bad although there can be more meat. It was a little oily too.

PB also ordered the Handmade Noodles Soup with Short Rib排骨手工面, $5. It looks like a simply dish and I think this bowl of noodles can probably cure the home sickness of some of the Chinese Nationals working in Singapore.

It looks like a bowl of home cooked noodles, simple but full of goodness. The soup tasted soooo familiar too. You have to taste it to believe it. The meat was soft and came off easily.

After the meal, it is good to wash down everything with a cup of Chinese tea. This is our Chinese tea served in a Heineken Mug.. LOL..

The simple view of the door and interior from where I was seated.

Our meal cost us $27. There was no service charge or GST but service was definitely not lacking. They even provided tissue paper for your use on the table. A simple establishment with very basic décor. I will be back to try some other dishes/dumplings if parking permits. 😛




Dong Bei Cai Guan 东北菜馆
18 Mosque Street
Singapore 059498
Tel: +65 6220987










Photos taken with Iphone4S

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