Declassic Golden Spoon 金匙经典 @ Seng Poh Road

Does this crab dish makes you salivate??? 😛

We were treated to a crabby feast by my sister at Declassic Golden Spoon to celebrate her coming home as well as securing a great new job. There are plenty of good food in the Tiong Bahru area and this is the other zichar place that I have passed by but have not tried. It is in the same big carpark as Por Kee and you would not miss it with such a big signage!

The cover of the menu featuring a gold fish shaped like a spoon. So cute. I did not need to flip the menu for what to order as we left it to the regular who did the ordering.  This ensures we get to taste the best dish in the house! 😛

View of the interior from where we were seated.

Brought our own wine to celebrate as well. Corkage is free (do call to confirm) . There are also televisions strategically located to ensure that you do not miss your favourite show while dinning at the restaurant.

The first dish that came is one of my favourite – Baby Squid. Not many places do it properly but here, it was done to perfection! The size of the baby squid was just right and it was so deep fried so well that it was crispy till the end of the meal! Very addictive dish and great with a nice cold beer….. 😉

Next came the signature Crab with Bee Hoon. It was such a big crab in a big bowl that all of us went WOW!

There were bits of dried scallops and shallots sprinkled on top. And look at the roe! I am not a roe person but could not resist trying it here. It  looked like salty egg yolk and really tasted like one too. The soup is so yummy that all of us could not get enough of it.

The addition of the Bee Hoon into this dish is just so clever. It does a great job of soaking up all the delicious soup and instantly transformed a otherwise bland bee hoon into a savoury dish on its own! Love it!

Next came the Cereal Beancurd with Pumpkin Paste.

Imagine crispy cereal, combined with deep fried silky doufu and complete with the taste of sweet pumpkin paste at the bottom – Heavenly! We wiped everything off the plate! hahaha..

Spinach with Sea Cucumber and Mushroom . 

When dining out with my parents, we will usually order a sea cucumber dish for them as it is supposed to be good for the joints. Also, it takes a lot of effort to prepare the dish at home and it is not easy to braise it as well as in restaurant. Hence, it is way easier to leave it to the experts than to make a mess at home 😛

Another lovely vegetable dish. The wolf berries added a hint of sweetness to the soup. Lovely dish to wash the grease away.

We are almost full by the time this dish came. It is Coffee Pork Ribs if I did not remember wrongly. The sauce was generous and you can taste the coffee in it. However, we felt that the ribs was a little too fatty for our liking.

Our 2nd Crab dish – Steamed Crab. The crab was sweet and succulent and the freshness is definitely guaranteed. Thumbs Up!

Look at the roe on the crab! There was an additional layer of soft shell on the crab which was a bonus to the dish! It is quite difficult to get the crabs  in this state – the shell changing state.

The 3rd crab dish that we had – Salty Yolk Crab, totally blew us off! Each and every piece of the meaty crab was so nicely coated with the egg yolk and it was sooooo piping hot! And the roe, I must say I have never seen so much roe in a crab all my life!

Look at the huge piece of roe in this crab! This picture does not really do justice to the size of the roe. It was really big and people who love roe will definitely get their fill here!

We were give a dessert each (complimentary if I did not remember wrongly). It is lemon grass jelly with longan. A very refreshing and cleansing dessert to end the meal.

The quality of the food and the pace at which they were served were perfect! They came one after another and we had pipping hot food just as we finished the previous dish and the next one was served. We were given enough time to savour each crab dish properly before the next came out freshly cooked. This is almost like fine dinning but in a zichar restaurant! Definitely recommended as the crabs were fresh and BIG  and all the dishes were thoughtfully prepared.

Declassic Golden Spoon 金匙经典
Blk 62 Seng Poh Lane
Singapore 160062
Tel: 65362218
Hours: Daily 11.30am – 2.30pm; 6.30pm – 11pm

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