De’Beer Garden Seafood Restaurant @ Sunset Way, Clementi

Looking for a unique way to celebrate Mother’s Day? Look no further than De’Beer Garden Seafood Restaurant at Sunset Way. You are bound to get your Mother’s, Father’s, Grandparents’, Siblings’, etc approval! 🙂

De’Beer Garden Seafood Restaurant is located at Blk 106 Clementi Street 12. This is the 2nd outlet of De’Beer, the first being at Kranji Farm Resort which may be just a little out of the way for people who do not drive. People who are familiar with this area (Sunset Way) will know that there are many restaurants in this cluster and this is one restaurant that I feel is worth a visit for the food served are fresh and tasty and the presentation is bound to give you and your family a memorable dining experience.

Part of the main eating area with the tanks of fresh seafood.

Another view of the Air-conditioned seating area of the restaurant

There is another separate “room” that you can book if you have a function like birthday celebration or corporate events. They can even do wedding dinner!

The outdoor seating area.

The chairs used are so nostalgic and I bet your elders born before the 1950s will be able to identify with them!

Part of the Menu at the entrance.

As I was a little late, my job was to eat as the ‘veterans’ have already placed the order for food! 🙂

1st Up – Prawn Paste Chicken Thighs 虾酱鸡中翅  as fillers while waiting for those who are late! 😛

I was lucky to eat one as I was not the latest! LOL..

The prawn paste chicken was juicy and so pipping hot so be careful while eating it!

2nd Filler – Crispy Sotong (S-$14++/M-$22++/L-$26++).

Best with chilled wine/beer!

Here comes the Main meal – Special Recommendations – De Beer Specialty “La La” Bee Hoon 花螺炒米粉 aka 啦啦米粉 (500g-$18++/1kg-$34++)

Close up of the La La and the Bee Hoon

My portion of the vermiceilli noodles and the clams on top!

I was just craving for fresh and good La La the other day and this one totally satisfy my cravings! I do not usually have such cravings as I am not a clams person but these are really good and make me crave for more! My plate was cleared off before I can take a pic of the shells of my clams 😛

Special Recommendations – Special Home Made Beancurd 家乡特别豆腐 (S-$14++/M-$22++/L-$26++)

Silky and smooth but there were only 8 pieces which were not sufficient to go around our table of 10. Maybe the restaurant should take note of such arrangement as it is not that nice to have insufficient food on a Chinese setting.

Teochew Style Pomfret 潮州斗昌 (market price)

Very nice and it was gone before I could have more! Really need to eat a little faster! LOL

Special Recommendations – Crispy Yam Ring 佛砵飘香 $24++

Close up of the Yam ring.

Really solid yam that may feel a tad dry to some.

Specialty – Flaming Chicken 火焰鸡

This is one memorable chicken that the service staff will invite you to the table outside to watch it being flamed! 😉

The charcoals burning and heating up the layer of soup with vegetables, mushrooms and doufu.

Ready for the action!

A safety distance must be kept from the chicken while the action takes place.

Rose alcohol is poured into the funnel and over the chicken that flows right down to the charcoal flame below.

Causing a mini explosion.

Flaming the chicken in the process

While the alcohol burns off

Flaming Chicken!

As the flame dies down

OUr chicken’s butt caught fire too! LOL

The minced ginger for eating the chicken with.

It is so finely grated and nicely chilled that it feels like cold cotton candy that melts in your mouth!

The pot of chicken nicely cut up and served on top of the steamboat.

Don’t you feel the chicken looks so appetising?

Close up of the chicken on top of the vegetables and stock.

This is one very nice dish as it retains its heat (with the charcoal burning below) while you slowly savour the chicken. There is a nice rose fragrant in the chicken due to it being flamed with the rose alcohol. Some even describe it like eating bandung without the condense milk! LOL.

Chicken all gone and soup top-up.

There is also an extra bowl of soup for you to top up to the steamboat as the pan is a tad shallow to contain enough for everyone.

Picture of 2 of the specialty that you must order when you are here!

Special Recommendations – Drunken Sauna Prawns 养生桑那虾(500g-$30++/1kg-$58++) as served in a wooden container.

The lid is lifted to stir the prawns so that they can be evenly cooked by the heat and steam from the hot stones below.

We need to wait one minute before removing the lid to savour the drunken sauna prawns.

1kg worth of prawns cooked in the ‘sauna’ with some herbs.

Moving the prawns away to reveal the stones.

The prawns are really big and fresh. Thumbs up! This is one very ancient cooking method and is still used by some tribes in Taiwan today as it is known to retain the freshness of the ingredients. This somewhat reminds me of my meal in an aborigine restaurant in Taiwan last year where we added on the prawns after seeing some Japanese order them 😛

Final dish of the day – Signature Salted Egg Crab with Crispy Cheese 金沙咸蛋螃蟹  (Market Price)

Close up of how big the crab was!

With all the salty yolk craze buzzing in the food industry at the moment,  this is one salty yolk crab that you may want to try. Reach out for the ‘gravy’ or crispy bits to get the intense flavours of the salted yolk. I could not taste the cheese as I felt it is overpowered by the salted yolk. Having said that, this is one crab dish where the shells will definitely be licked clean! 😀

Complimentary Dessert

Chunks and chunks of honey dew sago that is not overly sweet to end our meal 🙂

Celebrating its 1st Anniversary with some promotions.

May be a tad late to catch the above promotion but watch out for the Mother’s Day Set!

Saved this from their Facebook page which I think is pretty value for money as there are 3 of the specialties in it and it saves you from racking your brain as to what to order 😛

Reservations recommended especially for big groups and seating in the air-conditioned area.


De’Beer Garden Seafood Restaurant
Blk 106, Clementi St 12,
Singapore 120106
Tel: 64641365
Opening Hours:
Lunch: 11am – 3pm
Dinner: 5.30pm – 10.30pm

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