Day 7 – Tanjong Pagar Market Food Center – Issan Thai Food – Tom Yum Seafood Soup With Rice

1st Friday of 2011 and the last day of my food theme “Something with Rice”. Had to think really hard as to what I can eat to fulfill this theme. After much debate, I walked to a stall that I have never frequent before, Isaan Thai Food (#02-23) at Tanjong Pagar Market Food Center and ordered something with rice. :p
While waiting for my food, I am really tempted to change my order. Seeing plates and plates of Phad Thai being dished out, I kind of hated myself for setting the theme this week.. Argh.. I will be back for the Phad Thai for it looks too delicious! Even Ang Mos are queuing for it!
Back to my lunch, I finally got my Tom Yum Seafood Soup ($4.00) with Rice ($0.50).
Close up of the rice
A close up of the ingredients inside my Tom Yum Seafood Soup. There were 3 fishballs, 2 prawns some squid rings, straw mushrooms and basil – simple ingredients easily available and suitable for people of all ages. The soup was quite sour and a little spicy, strangely addictive though it felt like it was made from a paste. I had missed out on the cooking process as I was distracted by the plates of Phad Thai 😛 Will have to verify it the next time round 😛
  1. JR

    The Tanjong Pagar hawker centre is closed for renovation. Do you have any idea where this stall transferred?

    • slowchomp

      Hi JR,

      They have shifted to Chinatown Food Center. I cannot recall the unit number though. You can try your luck there! 🙂


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