Day 60 – Soya Chicken Noodle

After recovering from a bad bout of diarrhea, I have decided to stop my themed lunch post. Not only is it getting a little boring, it is also difficult to follow through with one food type/item every day for one whole week.

BUT, I need to share today’s lunch as it is just too yummy!  I was looking around for food ideas and saw plates of Noodles with drumlets being transferred from the tray to the table. The drumlets looks soooOooo good that I was wondering how was it cooked. I un-decidedly queued up for my noodle, debating between shredded chicken with mushroom noodles, char siew noodles, shrimp wanton noodles and finally ended up ordering the Soya Chicken Noodle.

My Soya Chicken (Drumstick) Noodle ($4)! Sorry for the lousy pic as the lighting was bad and I cannot wait to tuck in! Haha..  YUM!! It is so perfectly cooked that the skin has absorbed all the flavour of the soya and the fat has dissolved such that the skin feels so full of collage instead of the usual fatty feel. I was so wow-ed by it that I even ate all the skin!

Definitely recommended!

Tanjong Pagar Complex

Coffeeshop next to the only escalator in the building

The only stall that sells Cantonese style noodles

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