Dasio @ Central Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan

My conservative loot from Daiso!

As I was afraid that I may be bursting my luggage limit, I had to control myself really hard at Daiso but still ended up with 19 items! There are 5 whole levels of items to browse at and items that do not have a tag on them costs ¥100 (+ ¥8 tax, ~$1.30) and those with tags costs slightly more.  So how can one resist not picking such kawaii yet cheap cheap into your shopping basket?!

The cupboard dividers are so pretty as compared to those available in SG. I really regretted not buying them!

A whole section dedicated to Hello Kitty items that captivated me for a long while! Just feel like taking every single item although I am not a big Hello Kitty Fan. They are too kawaii!! If I have my own house, I think every corner will be decorated with items from here!

Even the laundry bags are Disney theme. The Auntie in me cannot resist picking a few this time round since those at home really needs replacement! 😀

The different sizes and print that I bought. Simply love them! Too bad there is no my melody ones!

Kawaii Mickey Mouse clothes pegs that I could not resist buying too! I can imagine my little nephew helping his mum peg the clothes with these cute pegs! 🙂

They are so cute that I took one of each colour from my sister to keep.. hahaha. The quality is very good too!

A cute octopus that I picked up for PB to massage his scalp. Hopefully, more hair will grown after using this octopus! 😛

Pretz snack from Glico that are soo yummy. Available in orange, pear(?) and matcha flavour. Crispy and yummy!

There are so many things in Daiso to buy but like I mentioned previously, as I was afraid of bursting my luggage limit,  I did not dare to go all out and buy and we limited ourselves to only 1+ hour there. It is really a mistake to put Daiso as the last stop in our itinerary. LOL.. If there is a next trip, it is going to be my first stop and there will be no holding back! LOL..

Daiso Japan, Central Sapporo
Daiso Sapporo Chuo (South 2 West 2, Odori Station)
Tel: 0112215723

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