Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant @ Taman Bukit Indah, JB, Malaysia

It has been ages since I crossed over to JB for good Korean BBQ. PB was awfully late and I did not know that he was agreeable to going in since a jam is a constant nowadays. It took us 40 minutes to clear the checkpoint from the Tuas side and off we go to a Korean BBQ restaurant at the Bukit Indah side, one that is so near to where I used to shop and want to shop again recently – Aeon Bukit Indah!

Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant is a 2 storey restaurant directly opposite Aeon Bukit Indah.

There are parking right outside the restaurant and you can actually hand your keys to the boss to shift the car if you happen to block the other cars from leaving.

Interior of level one of the restaurant where we chose to seat

Table setting


Menu – Korean Beef BBQ

Menu – Korean Pork BBQ

Menu – Korean Other BBQ (Prawns, scallops, lamb, etc) & Hotpot and Soup Set

Menu – Hotpot and Soups

Menu – Pancakes and  Korean Rice Sets

The lunch sets looks really good and cheap! If I am a Malaysian, this is one lunch that I will definitely go for with my colleagues!

It is never a good idea to leave the ordering to PB as you may just get the unexpected or his eyes are bigger than all our stomachs combined and you end up with tonnes of food! Today is the unexpected day as he veered towards meat platters which is not what we would usually go for.

We were given complimentary seaweed soup to warm our stomach and the dips for the BBQ meat.

The spicy bean paste sauce that is a stable in all korean BBQ place.

The salt and pepper with fragrant oil to dip and wrap your meat with in the lettuce.

Close up of the seaweed/kelp soup.

The smell of the kelp was a little too strong for me.

Lettuce, raw sliced garlic and bean paste.

Must have lettuce to wrap your BBQ meat with when eating the Korean way but something which the guys at the table had none of! The lettuce here was pretty fresh.

The hood to take away the smoke from the BBQ. Despite having it at all tables, we still ended up smelling of BBQ after our meal.

The charcoal for our BBQ

All ready to start BBQ-ing.

The side dishes came fast and furious after the charcoal was in placed.

Side Dish 1: – Kim Chi Cucumber

Side Dish 2: Kim Chi.

The kim chi here is served nicely rolled up and the it is really spicy!

Side Dish 3: Not too sure what this is… some kind of mushrooms we think

Side Dish 4: Lotus Roots

Side Dish 5: Some cakey, eggy stuff that we could not make out what it is

Side Dish 6: Bean sprouts

Side Dish 7: Mashed Potatoes

Side Dish 8: Kim Chi Radish

Side Dish 9: Spinach

Complimentary Spring Onions. 

Love the freshness of this dish. Had expected it to spicy but this was on the sweet side. Goes so well wrapped with the meat in the lettuce.

First came the Beef Modum 쇠고기모드, RM135. 

It was a four kinds of assorted beef BBQ sampler consisting of OX Tongue, rib eye, rib, woo sam kyup (richly marbled beef). The exact beef parts were confirmed only after I re-checked the menu after the meal.

Our beef BBQ-ing in progress framed with all the side dishes.

Close up of the OX tongue, ribs and marbled beef.

I did not have to lift a single finger to do the BBQ-ing as the very efficient staff did all that! There was no chance for me to touch the tongs at all!

Some of the BBQ Beef ready to be eaten.

After they were cooked and placed in a plate, we could not tell what was what. Some parts were nice but some parts were too fatty.

Complimentary Steamed Eggs  to help you douse some of the flames from the kimchi 😛

PB ordered a rice, RM5 for me. (????) First time I had to eat rice so as not to waste it at a Korean BBQ :O

The grill was changed after the beef was done in preparation for our next meat.

The Pork Modum, RM85.

It was a four kinds of assorted pork BBQ sampler consisting of Pork Special (selected cuts of port that is soft and tender), mok-sal (neck shoulder), sam-kyub-sal (pork belly), gal-bi (back ribs). 

Pork BBQ in progress

Almost ready Pork

A small pancake was served and it looked nowhere like the kimchi pancake that we had ordered. Due to language issues, we had thought that the orders were mixed up and we were served the wrong pancake. It was only much later that we realised that it was a complimentary pancake as the table beside us got the pancake too at the end of their meal and were trying hard (even using hand gestures) to tell the service staff that they did not order it. LOL

Some of the side dishes that I like and asked for 2nd round.

Close up of the big head bean sprouts.

How I ate my BBQ pork

Adding some of the sweet spring onions

This was the Kimchi-jeon, 김치전 煎泡菜饼 RM28, that we ordered and it was huge!

2 pancakes in one plate.

 Texture wise, the kimchi pancake was a little too soft and did not taste as good as the complimentary one.

Since we still had room for more meat, I placed the order of Wang Gal-bi, RM65. It is a choice beef short rib specially hand fillet and marinated in sweet soy sauce.

The meat fully unrolled onto the grill. It was a tad small but look at those fats….

Almost ready to eat.

Looking at it… it seems to scream “EAT ME”!

Very nice cut of the meat but the marinate was a little sweet and the portion a little small for that price. All of us agree that this was the best meat of the meal 😛

Our meal came up to RM382.45 (~SGD127.48) after factoring in GST and Service charge (6%)  for 3 pax which I found to be a tad expensive. The location of Daorae makes it convenient to grab a nice Korean BBQ meal after shopping at Bukit Indah/Tesco before driving or boarding that bus back to Singapore. If you are visiting during the peak dinner time, it is recommended to make a reservation as the restaurant is 90% full when we were there.

Btw, there was complimentary watermelon too but I had skipped it for the 1.5hr shopping time that I had left before the shops close for the day! Where did I go? Watch out for the next post! 

Daorae Korean BBQ Resturant
79, Jalan Indah 15/2 Taman Bukit Indah
81200 Johor Bahru,
Tel: +60 72975977
Opening Hours:
Lunch: 11am – 3.30pm
Dinner: 5.30pm – 11.30pm
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/daoreaJB/
Blog: http://daoraejb.blogspot.sg/

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