Cute 3D Latte Art @ Chock Full of Beans@ Changi Village

These 3D Latte Art are bound to perk up anyone! Definitely Cuteness overload!

Back to Chock Full of Beans (CFPB) for their famous latte art.

They are located at one corner of Blk 4 of Changi Village Road. If you drive there, just park at the nearby carpark, cross the zebra crossing and you should be able to see it. If you are taking the bus, you will be able to see CFOB on the right hand side before the turn into the bus terminal.

View of CFOB Air-conditioned area.

The entrance of the Cafe.

Top view of the lights and fans serving us while seated outdoors.

Menu – Cover

Menu – Food

For more of their menu, please refer to their website

The drinks menu – something to cater to everyone, even those who does not like coffee.

We enquire what are the latte art possible and we got such an impressive long list of reply from the service staff that it is almost impossible to remember them so do check with them if whatever character you wanted if do-able by the Barista! If you are looking for the 3D latte art, do note that it is upon request and more than 30 minutes wait is expected and it is only available on the Iced Flavoured Latte which costs from $6+.

Signature Dessert – Lava Cake with Ice Cream, $9.90+

Close up of the dessert

The molten chocolate in the cake. Looks too yummy but I did not try 🙁

Dark Chocolate Cake, $6.5+

It came with such a cute drawing of Mario that all of us went semi-crazy snapping!

Close up of the dark chocolate cake layered with french chocolate ganache.

I got a bite and it was delish!

Peach Smoothie, $7+

Just perfect for this hot weather and the colour looks sooooooo sweet!

Chocolate Frappe, $7+

My niece would love this!

Hot Latte with 2D Kerokerokeroppi latte art

The first of the numerous lattes we ordered arrived and we got so busy snapping it was a little out of control as the drinks came out pretty quickly.

Latte with 2D Smurf

Latte with 2D Hamtaro

Latte with 2D Da Fan Shu aka Big Potato from the Old Master Q Comic

Latte with 2D Sponge Bob

Latte with 3D Baymax! 

Looks just like the real thing!

Latte with 3D Hello Kitty!

Latte with 3D 3 little pigs.

Even their expressions are so animated!

Latte with 3D Pikachu

Latte with 3D Cats. 

Loved the expressions on these 4 cats! The details are just too unbelieveable!

My Hazelnut Latte with 3D My Melody

Another view of my melody with the lights above us switched on as it was getting dark 😛

My deflated melody! LOL..

Overall a good place to chill with friends and have fun enjoying these pretty latte art. If not for its location (so far east!), I would definitely be a regular.

So if you happen to be in the area, be it after visiting Pulau Ubin or catching a ferry to the nearby islands from the Changi Jetty or after going to the Changi Village for your nasi lemak fix, be sure to visit CFOB to round up your date/day with a memorable chillax!

Chock Full of Beans
Blk 4, Changi Village Road,
Singapore 500004
Tel: 62148839
Opening Hours: Refer to their website/facebook for updates

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