Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao 翡翠拉面小笼包 @ Great World City

It was a battle of Hawker Food against Restaurant Food and I had almost won the battle if not for a heavy downpour that diverted us from heading to Alexander Village for a variety of light hawker bites to finding a place where we would not get wet and yet is still open to take our orders at around 9pm. PB made the decision to head to Great World City and Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao we went.

We independently ticked the items we wanted and since it was really late, we ended with really light stuff.

The Steamed Soupy Pork Dumpling 一口小笼包, $5.50, that we will definitely order. It used to be 5 pieces but inflation has reduced it to 4 pieces. Something I verified from my previous posts. 😛

I decided to order the Steamed Vegetable Dumpling, 3 pieces for $4.80. This is something that I have not tried before and is something that PB will definitely shake his head cos it has no meat!

We are both pleasantly surprised that it is actually quite delicious! The vegetables in the dumpling has been cooked in some savory sauce and it still retained some crisp/crunch which goes very well with the skin of the dumpling which was thin, soft and lightly salted. My new “to order” item now when we next visit! 😛

Another item that I will order after today is the Deep Fried Radish Pastry, 3 pieces for $4.50.

The crispy flaky shell is filled FULL of pipping hot savoury radish! Yumz! Be careful when eating as the radish retains the heat although it has been left sitting on the table. We almost burn our tongue when we bite into it! 😛

PB ordered a Shark Bone Chicken Soup, $9.50. Look at the milky colour of the soup! Can almost feel the collagen just looking at it! 😀

Fishing out the the scallops/chicken in the soup. One sip was all I needed to feel the collagen-y goodness of the soup. Ahh….

Another dish that PB ordered – Egg White with Fish Meat, $14.80 – the most expensive dish for dinner tonight 😛

Another view of the dish. The egg yolk is raw but will be nicely cooked by the residual heat from the egg whites and fish when you stir it in. This is a very healthy and easy to eat dish for people who want to boast their protein intake without bursting the cholesterol level.. 😀 A little drizzle of vinegar and a dash of pepper will perk up this very plain dish

Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao 翡翠拉面小笼包
1 Kim Seng Promenade,
#02-43,Great World City
Singapore 237994
Tel: 67385595
Open Daily 11am-10pm
Last order at 9.30pm

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