Crystal Jade Hong Kong Cafe@Orchard Central

I was totally bored and started looking for places that we can explore during lunch. Was looking for somewhere not too expensive, not too crowded and near to office. It so happened that there was an article online about this place and I was pretty attracted to the write up on the giant bowl noodle.
Instead of going during lunch, I suggest this place when we were thinking of where to eat for dinner with some cols.We went a little past 8pm and was quite surprised to find it only about 50% full given its location in Orchard.
The super long escalator that brought us up to the Cafe. I read that this is the most direct and easiest way to find the place.We had to take a few of these long escalators to reach the eating place on the 7th Floor. It offered a nice view of the Orchard area but having said that, if you have a phobia of height, I would suggest that you take the lift in the building.
The extensive menu that was placed before us. As with all Hong Kong Cafes, we had to check the items that we wanted on the order slip. There were so many items on the menu, accompanied with nice food pictures. It took us some time to decide what we wanted to eat. A little spoilt for choice 😛
The Hong Kong (HK) Milk Tea ($3.90) and HK Yuan Yang ($3.90) that we ordered. The waitress brought the two vase like containers with the tea and shot glasses that resembles the leaning tower of Pisa to our table and then started pouring water into the “vases”.  Little did we know that there were dry ice in it and smoke came pouring out. I was so enthralled by the presentation that I kept snapping away. 😉
Deep Fried Calamari ($6.90) that we ordered to share.
The Giant Bowl Noodle($10.90), served with Spicy Noodle. When the waitress brought it to the table, you can see the shocked looks on my cols’ faces as the bowl was really big. I think the bowl is so big I can actually steam my face in it! hahaha. There were lots of ingredients in it too! So much so that you cannot even see the noodles below it.
My Giant Bowl Noodles served with Japanese Style La Mian. In it, there were Fish fillet, Tempura Chicken Chop, Pork Chop, 2 xTempura Prawns, 2 x mussels, plenty of Sotong (Cuttlefish) and a sunny side up. The amount of ingredients in this giant bowl really makes this value for money and really fills you up quickly.
My uniquely presented meal. 🙂 That is my giant bowl after digging out some of the ingredients for a photo shot.. hee.. You can really see how big the bowl is with the chopsticks as comparsion.
Simply loved the idea of my tea being served in this way. I call it the “Leaning Shot Glass and Boiling Flask”.
The almost empty boiling flask 😛
Overall, the food is considered not bad. We even got a 10% discount on the spot for spending more than $50. The more you spent, the more discount you will get. I remembered there were 3 different tier of discount but cant exactly remember how much you need to spend. The place is also suitable for big groups but you may want to call to make reservations before going down. 
Pretty interior of the place.
Crystal Jade Hong Kong Cafe @ Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road #07-15
Tel: 6509 3118
Photos taken with SE C905

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