Crispy Chicken Briyani @ Golden Nur @ Golden Shoe Hawker Centre

Crispy Chicken Briyani, $6, from Golden Nur at Golden Shoe Hawker Centre for lunch today!

Am back to Golden Shoe Hawker Centre for lunch and decided to queue for this Chicken Briyani after reading about it from’s “12 CBD Hawker Places worth Spending Your Lunch Time Queuing Up For” while writing up my Hainanese Curry Rice post. Thankfully the queue was not too long and was moving quite fast when I was there.

Close up of the stall and menu.

They have so many items to pick from. You can choose to eat the nasi briyani (chicken/mutton/fish), chicken rice, roti prata (egg/onion/cheese/cheese & egg/egg & onion) or mee goreng which is available after 3pm. As for me, I went for the one that screamed at me – Famous CRISPY Fried Chicken Briyani!

My briyani and order of the chicken drumstick being prepared.

Crispy Chicken Briyani, $6. 

Close up of the chicken and lovely crispy crumbs!

Another view of the crumbs on top of the rice.

Love the crispy bits on every mouthful of rice! The spice in the curry was just right to wake up my sweat glands and the rice was so easy to eat that I finished everything in no time. Best completed with a cup of teh tarik or teh halia from the neighbouring drinks stall! 😉

Golden Nur
50 Market Street,
#02-02, Golden Show Hawker Centre,
Singapore 048940
Opening hours: Mon – Sat, 630am – 8pm


Reference Post:

12 CBD Hawker Places Worth Spending Your Lunch Time Queuing Up For

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