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Saturday has become lazy as well! LOL.. Here is our Lazy Saturday Chill-out Brunch at Craftsmen Specialty Coffee at their second outlet that has been in operation for around 5 months and this is gonna be a lazy blog post as well! I will let the pictures speak for themselves! 😛

Entrance – It is located right beside Cold Storage


These are the first things that will grab your attention when you enter the cafe!


And this Speculoos Cheesecake caught my eye though it is a tad ex..

A shelf of beers, ciders and teas that can quench your thirst.


Menu – There is a weekend special that you can try

Drinks Menu.

The pricing are pretty reasonable

Unrefined Sugar on the table for you to adjust the taste of your drink

Nice deco in the cafe

Another view, towards the entrance.

Pastries near the cashier where you will place your orders

Behind this shelf is actually the kitchen where all the food are prepared.

The area where you help yourself to sauces, plain water and cutlery though the staff are very nice and they do bring you cutlery when they serve you!

Helping my self to some water at this pretty tap!

My pretty and smooth Latte, $5

I upsized PB’s Latte to a large one at an extra $1.90

Top view of my order of a 3 Tier Brioche, $15,  consisting of shaved ham, cheddar & mozzarella cheese, fresh avocado, a side salad and the chipotle mayo with choice of scrambled or poached eggs.

Top View of PB’s Craftsmen Supreme, $19, consisting of grilled smoked streaky bacon, Norway smoked salmon, thick toast, baked beans, fresh side salad with cherry tomatoes and Craftsmen Sauce with choice of scrambled or poached eggs.

Close up of my Brioche, Ham, cheese, scamble eggs and chipotle mayo.

The colour of the mayo may look unappetizing but it did perk up an otherwise normal looking/tasting dish.

The 3 distinct tiers which were too thick to stuff into my mouth in one go! 😛

Chilling and enjoying the woody interior on an unusually quiet Saturday afternoon. Pic was taken in between customers who came and left

How can a meal be complete without some sweet stuff? 😛

Ordered the Speculoos Cheesecake, $9.60 and Churros, $9.90.

Close up of the Churros that is a Craftsmen Specialty

Warmed Churros rolled in cinnamon sugar and dipped in old school vanilla ice cream.. Yumz!

Craftsmen Specialty Coffee @ Eastwood
20 Eastwood Road, #01-06,
Eastwood Centre
Singapore 486442
Tel: 96580769
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunay: 9am to 7.30pm

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