Crab Corner @ Fairprice Hub, Joo Koon Circle

Journey to the West for an important mission today and of course, before starting the important mission, we will need to fill our stomach right? 😛 Been ages since I came back to this area of the island and am pleasantly surprised at how much it has changed! Thanks to my sister for finding and securing the irresistible deal from Crab Corner at Fairprice Hub at Joo Koon Circle and here we are!

The huge signage greets you as you take the escalator to level 3.

Kitchen and roast meat!

Did not realise that I captured such a nice reflection of the Warehouse Club! 😛 So, if you are like us who is unfamiliar with the area,  you should know how to locate the restaurant. 😉 An additional piece of info, it is on the the same level as the food court.

The deal that got us here – Special anniversary promotion of $1 Crispy Chicken 脆皮炸子鸡 !

Valid from 1st June 2017 to 31st July with a minimum spent of $30, you will need to go to their facebook page to register for this promotion prior to the redemption.

Pano of the interior from where I was seated.

There are private rooms available too. (not in pic).

Menu – Cover

Menu – Live Seafood and Soup.

Specialty here is their crab but with just 2 person, attacking a crab and a chicken in one seating is pretty out of question! So crab, see you on my next visit! 😛

Menu – Poultry, Vegetables, Beancurd, Omelette, Noodles and Rice

Menu – Dessert, Beverages and Beer

Father’s Day Promo Menu

Heavenly Duck House Menu – Consisting of Authentic Hong Kong Style Roasted Delight, Congee, Noodles, and Dim Sum.

Menu – Roast Meats

Understand from the service staff that the roast section are newly added and the specialty would be the roasted duck and crispy roasted pork.  Since we are going for a whole chicken already, we will have to KIV them for the next round. 😛

Menu – Congee, side dishes and dim sum

Menu – Dim Sum and dessert.

Coincidentally seating at table 8 – huat ah!

Appetisers that were served.

We rejected the ah char and kept the braised peanuts.

Braised Peanuts – $2++.

Pipping hot and nice to wake up the stomach!

Fresh Thai Coconut泰国香椰, $4.60++

So refreshing and much needed in this sweltering heat!

Angled Luffa and Scallops with Homemade Tofu 胜瓜带子自制豆腐 (Small-$12.80++)

Close up of the ingredients in the dish – scallops, mushrooms, carrot, luffa and toufu.

Chicken Feet with Ginger Sauce 沙姜凤爪, $8++

Close up of the chicken feet looking like it has goose bumps on it!

This dish made me went eeeeeee… Cooked only in ginger sauce and retaining the best of its collagen-y properties, my sister loved it but a dish not for me. haha..

Prawn Dumpling (Har Gow) 虾饺, $5.20++

Although the skin was not translucent, the insides were full of the real stuff –  succulent prawns!

Shrimp Wanton Noodles 鲜虾云吞面, $7.80++

Had to have chilli with the noodles!

Nice and crispy red chilli and pickled green chilli.

Close up of the huge shrimp dumpling in my bowl! Nice!

Love the texture of the noodles and just had to eat it with the delicious chilli!:P

Star of the day – Crispy Chicken 脆皮炸子鸡 (usual price $28++)

Spend a minimum of $30 from the ala carte menu and get the signature Crispy Chicken at just $1! (T&C applies)

Close up of the chicken.

Dips for the chicken.

The chicken is tasty enough on its own and you do not really need the additional salt from the dip. You just need a cold beer to go with it! 😛

See how crisp and no fat below the skin!

The chicken breast was tender and juicy too.

Really great value for money!

Our total bill came up to $55.30 which is really value for money considering the amount of food we ate.  Good quality and prompt service. Need to come back to try the crab!

Crab Corner
1 Joo Koon Circle, 03-26 Fairprice Hub, Singapore 629116
Opening hours: 11AM to 10PM
Tel: 63336969 (call for enquiry or reservation)
Nearest MRT: EW29 Joo Koon

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