Convenience Food – Ippudo 一風堂 from New York Clam Chowder Noodle/Ramen

Finally opening this instant Ippudo Ramen I brought back from Japan last December! Had to resist the urge to down it by myself as I have promised to share it with PB.

Ippudo from New York that comes with a pack of truffle oil which was quite a craze back when I visited Japan in December last year!

It is a collaboration with Nissin and sold in 7-11 stores in Japan for ¥198 (¥213 with tax) which is approximately SGD$2.60. A cheap thrill considering you only need to wait 5 min to reminisce your Japan trip and enjoy this Clam Chowder Noodle/Ramen!

Truffle oil seems like the craze and everything must have a little of this! 😛

Ingredients, preparation and storage method, etc… Everything in Japanese which I really am unable to translate!

What I am able to tell is that there are wheat, eggs, milk, pork, chicken and beans in it 😛 One important note is you MUST NOT microwave this cup noodle!

Opening up the cup noodle.

Close up of the noodles, seasoning and ingredients in the the cup.

Pouring hot water into the cup.

You can see the ingredients clearly after the seasoning has dissolved.

Added the truffle oil to melt it as it seems to have coagulate.

The smell of the truffle was not very strong though.

Wait for 5 minutes and you can see the potato and bacon plumbing up.

I like my instant noodles with lots of soup hence topped it up with more water 😛 You can see the truffle oil floating on top too.

Do a quick stir and the ramen/instant noodles is ready to be enjoyed!

A quick and easy method to relive my Japan trip! 😛 I like the creamy soup and texture of the noodles. I should have bought more so that I can have it all to myself! 😛


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