CNY God of Fortune Origami 小财神折纸

CNY is coming!! It is the year of the monkey this year!  How are you decorating your house or office to welcome the God of Fortune? I learnt this brilliant mini God of Fortune 小财神爷 origami which you can fold with your children, colleagues and any love ones! Best of all, you can make it using those old ang pow envelopes! Kills 3 birds with one stone, being environmentally friendlym, getting rid of old ang pow envelops and having something new to decorate your house 🙂


My Mini God of Fortune Origami 🙂

I am not someone who is good with my fingers nor into origami but this is really easy to fold and looks so pretty too!

Just start off with any any pow with patterns that you fancy. I had mine from AMK Hub last year  😛

Open it up

Cut off the excess.

Those strip by the side are my excess from another ang pow.  You will need 2 square pieces of ang pow to make this Chinese mammon. 😉

After trimming off the excess, my ang pow was not a square so I had to make one!

It is not too difficult to make a square. All you need to do is to fold it diagonally and cutting off the excess as outline above to make a square.

The square piece of ang pow envelope.

For the rest of the instructions, refer to the video by Jacky Chan in this youtube link.

The steps are super easy to follow and this is how my end product looks like! 🙂

Drawing on long eye lashes with a marker and inserting some money in it. HUAT AH!

Hope you will have a Ho(猴)-seh Year!


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