ClubHouse Burger (2015) @ McDonald’s (Singapore)

Trying out McDonald’s New ClubHouse Burger

A Merry Yummy Season celebrated with the launch of the Clubhouse Burger, Truffled flavoured shaker fries and Red Velvert McFlurry with Oreo Cookie Bits. You can select your choice of Clubhouse burger by going with the Grilled Chicken Clubhouse Burger or the Beef Clubhouse Burger. Both are $7.15 ala carte and $8.60 as a meal with a small fries and soft drink. If you add on $0.80, you get a truffled flavoured shaker fries and coke float.

My Meal of Beef Clubhouse Burger, $8.60. 

I did not upsize my meal since ice cream was not available at the outlet I went to.  That means no coke float and no red velvet McFlurry! 🙁

My col’s Grilled Chicken Clubhouse Burger. 

Looking exactly like mine from the top view with the nicely glazed bun. 😛 The chicken meat in it came with the skin so if you are not a skin person, you may have to take off the bun and peel it off! 😛

My Beef Clubhouse Burger.

Taking away the top bun to reveal the lettuce, tomato (one slice which I popped into my mouth before taking this pic), chicken bacon, white cheddar cheese, the beef patty and some caramelised onions peeking below.

Cross section of the burger.

I find the beef patty a tad dry and burger lacks some fragrance.

Close up of the chicken bacon.

This is the first time I am eating chicken bacon and the taste and looks are weird. It is not crispy at all too. The texture is like korean fish cake thinly sliced and grilled. This did not work for me.

Overall, I think BK does a better version of burgers with bacon.

The Truffle Flavoured Shaker Fries Powder which we did not shake but just pour out to try.

Dipping my fries in, the taste was a tad too artificial.  We felt that it is better to save your taste buds for the real stuff! 😛

Available at all Singapore McDonald’s Outlet as well as McDelivery for a limited season only. Try yours soon!

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