Christmas Yule Log from Café Noël@ Fairmont Singapore

You know X’mas is round the corner when you start receiving log cakes!

And you get not only 1 but 2 delicious log cakes from Café Noël at Fairmont Singapore.

This is the Salty Caramel Chocolate Yule Log

Though a tad mushy as it has been defrosted in Singapore’s hot and humid weather, I still love it! Perfectly balance and I love the richness and smoothness of the chocolate and the crunchy layer that gave it more textures! Yumz!

The green one has cute white chocolate mushrooms sprouting out of the logcake. So cute and pretty right? It is actually the Chocolate Egg Nog Brandy Yule Log which is created with spiced eggnog-base, a thick mousse frosting and hints of St. Rémy’s brandy!

Close up of the decoration on the chocolate

Cross section of the log cake.

As we froze this to eat the next day, the alcohol taste might have evaporated 🙁

If you wish to get one of the log cakes for Christmas this year, you can call their Santa Helper Hotline at 63388785  from Monday to Saturday, 9am – 5.30pm or you can email them at For the list of festive treats available from Cafe Noel this year, click here.

Get yours soon!

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