Chingu BBQ Korean Restaurant @ Havelock Road

An impromptu decision to have a Korean BBQ meal in Singapore (when the original intend was to have a simple XLB meal at Alexandra Village) brought us to Chingu BBQ Korean Restaurant at Havelock Road!

Roadside view of the Restaurant

A quick search online for  Korean BBQ Restaurant threw up a lot of options but we wanted to avoid the big chains and places with a lot of people (since it is peak dinner time!) so after much searching, I found this Korean BBQ restaurant at Havelock road through Burrple and PB was OK to go check it out. The burrple post was a while back and mentioned that restaurants turn over were high in this area and hence, we were not too sure if we would be able to find it restaurant but we did!

The view of the restaurant from the passage way

A bottle of tea served the moment we sat down

Menu  – NO GST & NO Service Charge and there is air-con! Fulfilled all 3 criteria that PB set. Only thing is there are 3 big steps down to the restaurant which killed him 😛  Luckily there is a restaurant further up which has a slope and railing for him to hold to get down. (Mental note made to check out that restaurant)


Menu – Rice and Soup

Menu – BBQ meats  (pork, beef and chicken)

Menu – Traditional Korean Food and Special Set Menu.

A stew would have been perfect for the weather but PB is not a soupy person 😛

We ended up ordering from the Special Set Menu as it makes things much easier and there are 2 meats and one pancake in each set.

View of interior from where we sat.

BBQ meat and beer = perfect combination

Another view with a big screen

You can actually watch live soccer match while enjoying Korean BBQ meats here!

Very fresh and lovely greens and first time we get sesame leaves on top of the normal lettuce. A very nice addition in terms of fragrance and flavour to the meat!

The stove that was placed on our table to BBQ our meat as we had opted to do it ourselves instead of having it done in the kitchen.

The sides came fast, almost at the same time as our meats were served.

Banchan#1: Egg and Potato Salad.

There were corns in it that give it an addition texture instead of all being mashy. 😛

Banchan#2: Sausage.

Quite like the seasoning on the sausage.

Banchan#3: Bean Sprouts.

Banchan#4: Some sort of seaweed which PB said I probably would not like so I just steer clear of it. 😛

Banchan#5: Korean Fish Cake

Banchan#6: Kimchi

The kimchi was a little spicy but pretty addictive 😛

Our meat from Special Set Menu 4 –  Special Sauce LA Beef Rib (Yangnyum LA Kalbi)

Our meat from Special Set Menu 4 – Roasted Beef Ribeyes without bone (Kalbisal)

We were deciding between Set 2 ($48) and Set 4 ($68) and PB chose set 4. Set 4 consists of a Seafood and Green Onion Pancake, Special Sauce LA Beef Rib and Roasted Beef Ribeyes without bone for $68. The difference between Set 2 and Set 4 is that Set 2 has  sliced pork belly while Set 4 has Beef Ribeyes without bone.


Close up of the Roasted Beef Ribeyes without bone (Kalbisal)

The lady boss was very nice and help us to start BBQ-ing as we were not sure when this stove is ready.

Ribeyes without bone in the middle and ribs on the outer layer

Almost ready to eat ribeye.

Was too busy eating to show you any of the ready to eat BBQ meat 😛

 Seafood and Green Onion Pancake (Haemool Pajeon)

Close of the seafood pancake.

Sides that we had seconds of. I like the bean sprouts but they have ran out of it 🙁

Another serving of the bean paste that the lady gave me

Sliced Pork Belly (Samgeopsal) , $20

We ended up trying the pork belly too as PB decided that he wanted more and this is a good choice!

BBQ-ing the Sliced Pork Belly.

We ended up liking this way more than the 2 beef as the beefs were too boney or fat but this was just perfect!

My way of eating the sliced pork belly – dipped in the bean paste then wrapped with a piece of kimchi 🙂

We also added on a Spicy Chicken Soup with shredded chicken and Vegetable, $14 which is just perfect for this rainy weather!

It actually comes with a rice but was not stated in the menu. Since rice was the last thing I wanted, we rejected it.

Fishing up the ingredients in the soup.

If you are just looking for a simple korean meal in the Tiong Bahru neighbour, you can just order this soup to go with rice and the accompanying side dishes. Guarantee to warm your stomach and warm you up on a cold rainy day! 🙂

Complimentary Fruits – Mini Oranges. Small yet sweet. Nice.

Our meal came up to $102 and luckily, they accept nets so we did not have to worry about running to an ATM nearby 🙂 Very friendly Korean Lady Boss who has been in SG for more than 8 years but only started operating this restaurant with her husband,who is the chef, for about 2 years. A simply decorated restaurant serving authentic Korean cuisine, without the banter of the crowd (at least when we visited), not open for lunch but opened in the evening till late for folks who end work late, just before starting their night or those looking for supper 🙂

Chingu Korean BBQ Restaurant
729 Havelock Road
Singapore 169649
Tel: 63778997
Opening Hours: 5pm till midnight

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