China Square Fried Fish Soup (Blanco Court) 白兰阁炸鱼汤@ Tanjong Pagar Complex (TPC)

My Double Fish Bee Hoon Soup 双鱼米粉汤, $5 for lunch today!

China Square Fried Fish Soup (Blanco Court) has taken over the previous Mackereal Fish Soup stall at Heng Lee Yean Eating House at Tanjong Pagar Complex, making this the other outlet besides the one at Tanjong Pagar Xchange

Close up of the signage with some of its menu.

Close up of the menu at the stall.

Prices here are slightly cheaper than the outlet at Tanjong Pagar Xchange probably cos this is outside CDB and rental should be much cheaper.

Close up of my sliced fish and deep fried fish meat and the slippery bee hoon that keeps sliding away from my chopsticks!

The fish meat are so yummy and there are even some very crispy fish slices in it.

Not forgetting those yummy deep-fried eggs (aka 炸蛋) that enhances the flavour of the soup. Looks like this new stall can keep me eating at TPC for a while. 🙂

China Square Fried Fish Soup (Blanco Court) 白兰阁炸鱼汤 
Heng Lee Yean Eating House
7 Keppel Road,
Singapore 089053

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