Chin Huat Live Seafood 镇发活海鲜 @ Clementi Street 12, Sunset Way

龙虾大过小女孩 (Lobster Bigger than a little girl) ! This is a line from an advertisement when I was very young and to this date, it still is stuck in our brains! (An example of an excellent advertisement tagline!) So here we are at Chin Huat Live Seafood to try out their live seafood which has gotten the rave from many many people.

From the carpark, it is not difficult to spot the exact location of Chin Huat Live Seafood.

Tanks of live seafood greeted us as we reached.

A grandpa sharing a moment with the grandchild, showing how lively and huge the crabs were.

One of the staff catching the live Lobster!

You can pose for a photo with your lobster if you are interested. 🙂

Close up of the Live Elephant Clams象拔蚌

Close up of the Live Bamboo Clams

Close up of the Live Dungeness Crabs

Peanuts as starter while waiting for everyone to arrive

The very well-flipped Menu 😛

Menu – Lobster

So many ways to have it done so pick one that you like!

Menu – Live Prawns

Menu – Crabs

Menu – Shell Items

Menu – Meats

Options of suckling pig (advance order required), pork, beef, vension.

Menu – Poultry

Menu – Beancurd and Vegetables

Menu – Rice and Noodles

Menu – Home Specialty

Menu – Desserts.

The coconut dessert is one of their specialty but we were too full to have it.

The bucket on every table for you to put your shells.

One great way to let the customers self-help to and make cleaning the tables easier. 🙂

Very nicely chilled coconut!

A pity the  coconut flesh is too old to be eaten.

My Portion of Drunken Prawns with Chinese Wine 醉酒灼活虾

The prawns were very fresh and the soup very sweet.

Thumbs Up!

Medium Home-made Beancurd served with in-house Special Sauce 家常豆腐 (S-12/M-18/L-24)

This is recommended by the waitress and it is quite nice indeed but in my mind, I was thinking of the Home-made Beancurd with Crab Meat in Home-Made Style which had caught my eye in the menu. 😛

Stuff Chicken Wings

The meat and bones have been carefully taken out and the chicken wings are re-stuffed with glutinous rice.

Medium Nai Bai fried with Garlic蒜茸炒奶白 (S-8/M-12/L-16)

As there was a promotion for their Boston Lobster, we did not order the usual crabs (as my dining companions had too much to eat in the afternoon!), we went for the lobster instead!

Our 2.25kg Boston Lobster with Bee Hoon上汤焗波士顿龙虾 !

Close up of the Claw of the Lobster!

It is about the size of my palm! WOW!

Look at nicely stewed the bee hoon is in superior Broth!  There is a wok-hei-ness in the vermicelli and I love it so much I had 3 portions!

Digging out the fresh chunk of Lobster meat in my bowl! YUMZ!

So succulent, so fresh, so juicy and so nicely cut up that it came off the shell quite easily! Imagine one full mouth of lobster in your mouth! Nom, nom, nom… 🙂

This is my premium lobster stick! LOL

Our Bucket of Shells.

Small Hor Fun河粉

My tasting portion of the Hor Fun.

After eating the lobster bee hoon, this pales in comparison. LOL..

Cannot remember how much our meal came up to (prob ~$350) but all we remembered was it was very value for money for the 7 of us!

One thing to note is that you can join them as a member for free and enjoy discounts on your meal. Early dinners have special discounts. Do check with the service staff for details!

Chin Huat Live Seafood Restaurant 镇发活海鲜
Blk 105, Clementi St 12,
Singapore 120105 (Sunset Way)
Tel: 6775 7348
Opening Hours: Lunch : 11.30am – 2.30pm, Dinner: 5.00pm – 10.30pm


  1. Rengasamy Ravi

    i want joint the member pls how/to apply

    • slowchomp

      Hi Rengasamy,
      You can ask the service staff there. They will pass u the iPad to register as member. 🙂

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