Chicken Up @ Centrepoint, Orchard

Finally trying the best Korean Fried Chicken (KFC) at Chicken Up with a good deal from Groupon where we get at $100 worth of ala carte food at $60!

It brought us to the newly renovated Centrepoint and I am surprised to see that there is a nicely done up area (where Marks and Spencer used to occupy) with a cluster of restaurants that are really worth trying out and Chicken Up is here too!

Some of the restaurants on the directory.

Entrance of Chicken Up

The top 12 Best Selling food at Chicken Up.

The logo is so cute.

Part of the interior from where we were seated.

Decoration on the wall.

Menu – Stew and Chicken Sets at a discount which saves your brain from too much thinking but is unfortunately not valid with the groupon voucher.

Menu – Yangpa Bomb and Ugly Tang

Menu – Kimchi and Bulgogi Fries

Menu – Bingsu and Soju

Menu – Monster Watermelon Bingsu that is available at the Centrepoint Outlet only.

For more of the Chicken Up menu at Centrepoint, click here.

The Ginger Tea, $5++. 

Was wondering why my order of a ginseng tea tasted so spicy till i saw the bill 😛

Ugly Tang , $30++ – Korean Hot Pepper taste, flakes, kimchi, luncheon meat, beans and sausage.

Close up of the stew

Mixing up the ingredients

Yangpa Bomb, $12++ – Golden Crispy Onion Petals with yummy sauce

Close up of the onion and sauces

The onion looks a tad pathetic for $12.

 I did not try it but the size is not really worth $12.

Kimchi Fries, $18++ – Basket of Fries served with fermented Kimchi and marinated shredded chicken.

Bulgogi Fries, $18++ – Fries loaded with thin slices of beef marinated in secret sauce

Another view of the fries

The beef is covered by lots of sauces.

View of the beef. Nice!

Popcorn Chicken, $20++  – Boneless crispy bit-size chicken, coated with choice of Ganjang, yangnyum or spicy yangnyum sauce.

Very nice and juicy boneless chicken coated in ganjang (soya) sauce. Thumbs up!

Ganjang (Soya) Chicken Wings, $12++ for 4 pieces

YangNyum Chicken Wings, $12++ for 4 pieces – Chicken Wings in Korean style sweet Chilli Sauce.

Spicy YangNyum Up – Mega Half Chicken in 4 pieces, $20++

Crispy Up – Mega Half Chicken in 4 pieces, $18++

Close up of the drumstick that I took.

Tearing away the crispy skin to reveal plumb, juicy meat! Yumz….

Melon Bingsu, $20++

Close up of the cute melon balls.

So much effort just to dig them out!

Mini Watermelon Bingsu, $18++

Close up of the watermelon bingsu.

Texture wise I like how the watermelon balls disintegrates in your mouth when you press them against the top of your mouth with your tongue but overall taste wise, the melon bingsu got our thumbs up. If you are game enough, go for the monster watermelon bingsu which is made of half a normal size watermelon as it is only available at here- the Centrepoint branch.

Chicken Up
176 Orchard Road,
Singapore 238843
Tel:6635 2651
Opening hours: Daily: 11am-11pm

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