Chicken McWrap (2014) @ McDonald’s

Late dinner with my colleagues and they brought me to McDonald’s as there is a new item on the menu!

Introducing the new Chicken McWrap!

You can opt for a spicy or non-spicy one! Or an even healthier version called the Salad! 😛

There is an introductory offer of the Grilled Chicken McWrap with a drink at $5.50 but the staff does not seem to know about the promotion and kept asking me if I wanted a corn cup or a fries. Luckily there are not many people ordering at this time for dinner so I could turn over and point to the the promotion banner to tell him that that was what I wanted. I was disappointed as he told me the promo was only the wrap! Argh.. 

So I ended up with the Spicy Chicken McWrap Meal,  $7 which consisted of a Spicy Chicken McWrap (wholemeal) , 5 Oz corn Cup and a small coke. I added on a new item – Red Bean Pie too! (that is the reason why I only wanted the wrap and a drink! :P)

The box indicating that I had ordered a Spicy McWrap.

How to eat the tortilla without dirtying your hands. Instructions to tell you how to open the box in 3 simple steps.

Opening the box to reveal the wholemeal tortilla wrap, mixed vegetables, mayonnaise sauce and the spicy chicken chunks. So appetizing right? 🙂

Another very appetizing view of my dinner 😉

Decided to pull out my spicy chicken to show you! 😀

Close up after a took a small bite. There are 2 such chunks of spicy chicken in the in the wrap.

View of how messy it looks like while I was eating it!  The tortilla was soft and I preferred eating the wrap to the McSpicy Burger as this has more vegetables and less flour than the burger. Yumz.

I was really full after finishing the wrap and had only stomach space left for the red bean pie. No choice but to take away the corn! (Last remembered it was sitting in my refrigerator :O)

My Red Bean Pie, $1 . You can still see some bits of red bean in it. Pretty interesting variant to the apple ones we had. It was not too sweet and rounded up my meal nicely 🙂


Available at all Singapore McDonald’s Outlet as well as McDelivery for a limited season only. Grab yours soon!

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