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My sumptuous lunch today – Chicken Basil Rice, Egg and Tom Yum Chicken, $5.80!

Decided to try out the set meals from the Thai stall since it looks good and satisfy my criterion – variety! 🙂

There are 4 fixed sets  now for you to choose from and I can only pick the combination that fits me the most since the combination that I wanted was not available.  I wish that they can consider the add on of a soup to any main instead of fixing the sets.

My Set C Lunch comprising of a Chicken Basil Rice, Egg and Tom Yum chicken, $5.80

Close up of the Chicken Basil.

I find the chicken meat a tad tough though the flavour was great! Watch out for the chilli as that is bound to cause some sweat to jump out from your sweat pores! 😀

Tom Yam Chicken

Close up of some of the ingredients inside.

The Tom yum soup was flavoursome. There were some mushrooms, sliced chicken and toufu like ingredients in it. I can’t ask for more since it is bundled with the set. Essentially I am paying $1.30 for this bowl of soup which compliments the meal properly.

A nice bundle of rice and soup to spice up my already spicy day but it was seriously chicken overdose as the set had chicken basil with rice and chicken tom yum soup!  Chicken chicken chicken. Maybe next time we can have different types of meat in the main and soup? This stall is no pork and no lard so those who cannot take pork can consider this place. 🙂

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Authentic Thai Street Food
Keng Chye Eating House,
7 Keppel Road,
Singapore 089053
Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday: Lunch time only

Photos taken with iphone6

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