Charcoal Chicken Express @ Icon Village

The perfect charcoal grill flavour like no other.

I always walk by this restaurant on my way to and from work and have been waiting to get my cols to come and try it but have not gotten the chance as we have been really busy with work. Today, one colleague suggested coming and hence, here we are for lunch!

They have combo sets for dine in patrons costing $11.90 – $12.90 nett. Looks enticing enough and all of us decided on the Famous Portugese Chicken (1/4 chicken) and Briyani Rice at $12.90 nett and comes with free coffee or tea or free flow of ice lemon tea. The rest of the combos like 1/4 Chicken Hawaiian Combo, Seafood Platter and Chips, Hawaiian Burger, 1/4 Chicken lite Combo, etc are slightly cheaper at $11.90.

The Ice Lemon Tea that we all had. It was a little too sweet and looks kind of diluted. It tasted funny too. It seems to have been mixed with some other soft drink. Not too sure if it was the kind of tea used or the plastic container that they used to refill the tea had been filled with some soft drinks previously. It definitely did not taste like the ice lemon tea that we know.

My Cols ordered Potato Wedges and Coleslaw to share.

Close up of the Potato Wedges. It was crispy and served pipping hot. Good stand in for hungry folks while waiting for the main course to arrive.

Close up of the Coleslaw. This is the first time I see peppers added into coleslaw. It was ordered on recommendation of one col and it was a refreshing accompaniment to our main course.

My 1/4 Spicy Portugese Chicken and Briyani Rice Combo, $13.90. There was an option of adding $1 for the spicy chicken or take the normal chicken. Since I wanted some kick to my meal, I asked for the spicy chicken. We asked if it was very spicy and was told by the the waitress that it is very spicy.

Close up of the my Chicken Drumstick. The skin was nicely grilled and the meat was juicy. The only complain I had was it was not spicy at all and the portion is a little small. The chilli sauce that we asked for was more spicy than my chicken 🙁

Close up of the Briyani Rice. It was fluffy but did not taste like the briyani rice from the Malay stalls that we are used to. It was a little dry and I had to add more flavour to it by adding chilli sauce. :O Perhaps chips would have been a better option.

A nice place to have lunch without facing the mad lunch crowd in town. One good thing is you can dine together your Muslim colleagues as the food here is halal. If you are in a hurry, this place may not be for you.

Charcoal Chicken Express
12 Gopeng Street #01-41/42/52/53
Icon Village
Singapore 078877
Tel: 62221283
Opening Hours: Mon – Sat, 11:00 am – 10:00 pm


*P/S: Please pardon the poor colour balance between the pics as my Iphone4S is a little cranky as I have taken more than 20k pictures with it

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