Charcoal Black Tendercrisp Chicken (2014) @ Burger King

Delicious has a new colour – Black. 

Burger King in Singapore recently launched the BK Charcoal Black Burgers which piqued the interest of many people, me included! Imagine black burgers instead of the usual white ones with your favourite meat sandwiched between them. How does it taste like?

There are 2 options for the Black Burger Meal: Flame grilled beef  with a whopper-size patty or the Tendercrisp Chicken with premium chicken thigh meat that comes with a large fries and medium sprite for $8.45.

I ordered the Black Tendercrisp Chicken Burger Meal, $8.45  for takeaway and changed the fries to onions rings at no additional cost. The takeaway is packed in a plastic bag instead of paper bag. 🙁

The formula for the onions rings seems to have changed and they are perfectly round and thick. I guessed it was coated with more flour to give it the shape and bite. I prefer the old onion rings where it is a little soggy and you can taste the sweetest of the onions and the texture is not that strange.

Opening up my burger to reveal the nicely fried chicken patty, crispy turkey bacon,  lettuce, tomato and most important of all – the black buns!

The buns are really black! Can really see the contrast with whatever sweet honey mustard sauce there was that was smeared in my burger. hahaha.. Taste wise, to me, there is not much of a difference. Perhaps just a little sweeter than the normal ones?

Gorgeous chicken thigh meat with the fuffy burger!

The cross section of Black Tendercrisp Chicken Burger from BK! Pardon the ugly x-section from my bite! 😛  Love the crispy bacon, juicy chicken thigh and the sweet bun with every bite. If only they can remove the chicken skin from the thigh for me and add in more sweet honey mustard sauce, the burger would be perfect!

I had previously tried the black whopper version (took a mouthful from a friend’s takeaway :P) and found it a tad dry. This chicken one tasted way better than the beef version. If BK would consider launching a Black Mushroom Swiss Burger, I will definitely be there to grab one!

Get yours today from all Burger King Outlets in Singapore

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