Char Siew Wantan Mee @ Eng’s Noodles House , Tanjong Katong Road

Headed to the east part of Singapore for some Char Siew Wantan Mee at Eng’s Noodles House which the easterners are familiar with and may have been visited by many tourists but this is my first visit!

Entrance of the shop

Due to the small space and the crowd, the group will only be seated when everyone is here. They even placed some chairs for you to sit while waiting for a table.

The very simple order chit – dine-in or takeaway with one one main dish – wanton mee (big or small, dry or soup), 3 side dishes (boiled wantan, fried wanton or boiled vegetables for $3/4/5 and 3 juices at $1.50 each.

Table Setting

The chopsticks and spoons are all on the table to help yourself to and a bottle of chill with such big warning that it is HOT that you will think 3 times before touching it! Hahaha…

Cashier with the kitchen behind where you place your order and take your drinks order.

View of interior from where I was seated.

Our drinks – Barley 薏米水, Water chestnut 马蹄水 and Lime juice 酸柑水 , $1.50 each.

Side Dish – Large Fried Wanton 香炸云吞, $5, that we order to share.

Definitely recommended as it is crispy and not oily at all and I bet you will be reaching out for more!

Side dish – Small Boiled Wantan 家乡云吞, $3

For people who do not like the deep fried ones, this is the perfect side dish! You can either have it in soup or dry like what you see above. Love the fragrance of the wanton and how they do not stick to each other. The skin was firm but still slippery smooth!

Side dish – Small Boiled vegetable 油菜, $3

My small main – Wantan Mee 云吞面, $4.50

Where is the wantan?

They are right at the bottom of the bowl and has soaked up the lovely clear sauces and the oil from the pork lard.. OMG.. Nice! There are 3 wantons in my small portion. The noodles here are different from the Hong Kong styles as it is more eggy and thicker.  Imagine it like the thinner version of ramen but not as chewy. Lean char siew are used here which is definitely thumbs up from me but I wish there can be more.

The container of crispy pork lard for you to help yourself to!

Close up of  the crispy pork lard.

This is basically the by product of getting pork oil and when I was younger, I did not really like it but as I grew more matured, I started to appreciate it. This is real oil with natural fragrance and not some artificially produced ones which gives food its distinctive taste. Health conscious people will definitely say nono to this but I find this less harmless eaten in moderation as compared to those artificial ones.

Trying out the super spicy chilli.

Just a 10cent coin portion is enough to send your sweat glands into overdrive! Don’t say I never warn you! 😛

Eng’s Noodles House Pte Ltd 榮高叉烧云吞面
287 Tanjong Katong Rd,
Singapore 437070
Opening Hours: Daily – 11AM to 9 PM
Tel: +65 86882727

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