Char Siew La Mian @ Pin Wei Chicken Rice.Noodle 品味鸡饭.面 @ Tanjong Pagar Market

My wonderful choice of lunch today at Tanjong Pagar Market – Char Siew La Mian 叉烧拉面, $3. With 2 $2 notes, I still get a change of $1. Cheap and good! 🙂

Got a seat near this stall and decided to try it out. Seems like a new stall to me as I vaguely remembered making a mental note to try out some duck noodles on this stretch but that stall does not seem to be here anymore.


Was contemplating if I should try the chicken rice or char siew noodle and those who know me will definitely know which one won! 😛

The rows of chicken air-drying at the stall before being roasted. Been ages since I have seen the chicken drying like that. Got pretty tickle by the sight of it. 😛

The beautifully roasted chicken! Will definitely try it next time! The fragrance of the chicken rice ordered by the other customers almost made me change my mind about my noodle order! 😛

Condiments for you to spice you your meal.

My Order of the Char Siew La Mian.

Love the lean char siew that was given to me!

The free soup that came with some cabbage.

My La Mian. I had initially mistaken it to be the standard noodle but this is really la mian. Love the texture and very strand was nicely coated with the sauce. Thumbs up! I wonder how the noodles will taste like eaten with roasted chicken…. hmm.. new order ideas! Haha..

Something very sinful hidden in the noodles which I had no qualms chomping on! Do you know what it is? 🙂

Pin Wei Chicken Rice.Noodle 品味鸡饭.面
Blk 6 Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market & Food Center

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