Century Egg and Meat Balls Congee @ Xiang Rui Congee祥瑞美食, Tanjong Pagar Market

My Lunch today – Century Egg with Meat Balls 皮蛋猪肉圆粥 Congee topped with crispy you tiao 油条 (aka fritters)!

The only stall in Tanjong Pagar Market selling congee and this is the first time that I am trying it! 😛  The queues were super long today and snaked to an L around the stall located at the corner.

Congee Menu at the stall

There are so many varieties of congee at the stall that there is bound to have something to please you. To name a few, there are  Century Egg and Lean Meat皮蛋瘦肉粥, Pork猪肉, Chicken鸡丝, Meat Ball猪肉丸, Mixed Pork猪什, Sliced Fish鱼片, Pig’s Liver猪肝, Mixed scallops带子, etc.  For more sumptuous ones, you can opt for the claypot ones that includes frog congee砂煲由田鸡, fried frog with ginger and spring onions/dried chilli砂煲姜葱/宫保田鸡, etc. There is also a very luxurious one – Abalone cuttlefish congee鲍鱼鱿鱼粥 on the menu! Prices range from $3 – $15. There is a 5% discount with nets flash pay too. Looks like it is time to go topup my nets flashpay card to reap the benefits!

Uncle adding something super sinful to the congee!

My Century Egg and Meat Balls Congee, 皮蛋猪肉丸粥$4, topped with the crispy you tiao, crispy shallots and spring onions.

My congee combination is actually not on the menu. The original version should be century egg with lean meat at $3 but since I fancy meat balls (something softer), I ordered century egg with meat balls and was charged $4.  This dish would have been perfect for me on normal days since it is savoury and has the necessary crunch but since I have some issues with opening my jaw wide, the crispy you tiao was a little challenging to eat! The most favourite item has become the worst enemy! LOL.

Close up of the meat balls.

It was indeed soft but lack the fragrance that I was expecting. 😛 Sticking to just century egg porridge would have been good enough for me 🙂

Xiang Rui 祥瑞美食
Blk 6 Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market & Food Center

Do note that they will be shifting to #02-44 come February 2016

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